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Your First Erotic Road Trip



If you live in a city where the nightlife is non existent, road trips are necessary for social interaction. Friends of mine that live in rural North Carolina drive over two hours to Raleigh for fun and frolick. There are some things you need to do before attempting to head out on the town. The rule is to always be prepared. And since you may be staying at a motel for the night, you can bring everything along that will ensure a great experience. The following is a list of items that should be in your travel bag.


Condoms & Lube

Going out on the town can result in spontaneous hookups. You want to enjoy your adventure safely. Keep a box of condoms and sex lubricant with you. A travel bottle of JUS Lubricant by Dick Ross will do the trick. Make the most of this adventure by trying a new type of condom. Go for enhanced sensitivity.  


Headache medicine

 It is wise to have OTC headache medication around at all times. A wild night of partying can have consequences and driving home with a headache is not ideal. There are products on the market that help reduce the symptons of hangovers. You can find them at your local drugstore.


Bottled Water

 I have learned this from my mother. She always keeps a case in the trunk. In addition, having bottled water in your room can save you a few trips to the snack machine while putting some change in your pocket.


Change of Clothes

If they're hanging on the hanger in the backseat of your car, then you're stylin'. As well, folding your clothes and placing them nicely in your trunk may also keep them from getting wrinkled. Nevertheless, keep a wrinkle remover spray handy just in case.



Be sure to keep everything you need to keep yourself fresh and clean. Your aresenal should contain deodarant, shaving cream, tooth paste/brush ,baby wipes,   body wash, loofah, anal douche and Nice Nuggets Male Genital Freshner . You always want your balls to be fresh. I use Man Junk as a body wash since it fights bacteria while leaving a fresh scent.


Energy Bar

 Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but sometimes you may not be up to eat after staying out all night long. When you can't help yourself to a fruit salad and scrambled eggs, grab your energy bar instead.


Learn Your Lesson

The next time you plan a weekend road trip for fun and frolick, make sure that you have all the aforementioned products in your car. I always keep an overnight bag filled with these items in my trunk assuring myself that I am never without the bare neccesities.  


You never know when you'll get lucky, so equip your car with all the "morning after" items you'll be needing.


Dickz Pickz

JUS Premium Pure Water Lubricant by Dick Ross