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Why Men Hate Condoms


I have to admit that this subject is one that is long overdue. In recent days, I have been called a condom hater although I never endorsed raw sex. Yet there are some that believe it is my responsibility to preach condoms for all activity. I disagree. To be completely honest, I do think codoms suck to some degree. Do I use them ? Yes. But I make an exception when I am using my Super Sucker 2.0 Masturbation Toy.

So I began to think about why men like myself have a hate relationship with the product that the health advocates promote and the manufacturers spend billions of dollars for us to use. I think I found the answer. It lies in a gray area that I will explain. I await the nasty emails but you know I really don't give a fuck !


You Can't Feel Shit

This was the first reason that I had some issue with condoms. I am talking about the early 90's before there were advances in the pleasure department of condoms. But for many men who are buying the traditional brands, they are sexually stuck in the past. And the condoms they are using takes away the sensation they would be having.

Solution : Go Thin !

Thanks to some great innovations, there are a wide assortment of thin condoms that allow you to feel more of what you want without getting what you don't. Trojan Thintensity Condoms are 25% thinner providing more comfort and feeling. You won't find them in stores. But Dickz Toyz has these in stock for your pleasure.


They Cost too Much

I do have to admit that condoms are expensive in stores due to the amount you get in the box. For men that are very active, you would need a condom budget if you only bought yours in packs of 3.  

Solution: Invest in Large Quantities  

The more condoms you buy, the cheaper the price. This is true at the local drug store and is also true online. The benefit of buying condoms online is that you have the ability to get volume discounts because usually the retailer doesn't spend money of floor space. In addition, you have a larger selection to choose from. You can get 100 traditional bulk condoms for less than $20 from many manufacuters.


They Make Me Gag !  

As one who loves oral sex more than I do chocolate. I have to admit that condoms on my favorite lolipop is not what I want. I have heard so many people tell me how using condoms are the safest but it doesn't feel well. I have found others who have the uncomfortable feeling of having plastic in thier mouth. For them, I say don't use condoms but if you want to be safer I have a suggestion.

Solution: Go Latex Free for Oral Sex 

I have found that latex free condoms made of polyurethane is a better fit for oral sex. The material is much softer than latex and very thin. You feel more of the person and the " plastic " sensation is lessoned. Now if you going to do this, you need to go all the way and use some flavored lubricant to make it taste good. Razzle's Tasty Lubes do the trick. They don't have that medicine fake candy flavor that you find in many brands especially flavored condoms. They are sweet and flavorful made for oral sex.  

These are just a few of the reasons that men hate condoms. Have a few more reasons ? Then feel free to submit them so I can find solutions that will enable you to have a safer and sexier experience. The suggestions at the bottom will put you in touch with some great products.


Dickz Pickz

Trojan Thintensity Condoms - 12 Pack


Razzles Green Apple Tasty Lube




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