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Why Men Buy Fleshlights & Masturbators



Many people live by the credo of ' To Each His Own ' when attempting to understand the fascination of certian fetishes that some people may have. I am asked over and over. ' Why would someone purchase a toy when they could get the real thing?' . In this article, I will give you a few answers to this question.


Replica Toys give more stimulation than Traditional Masturbation

Men who love to masturbate find that using a masturbator gives them a more tactile experience. Many toys have ribbed inner tubes, vibrating accessories and are made from Life Like Material. Doc Johnson has itís own UR3 material. CyberSkin feels exactly like the real thing and Fleshlight has turned male solo pleasure into a cash cow with itís awesome skin material. These new sensations can spice up their sexual life more than a hand and some lubricant. These toys take intercourse to the next level.  


Replica Toys never say no

Many men face rejection when trying to find a partner.  The Replica Toy fulfills the immediate need . I don't suggest using instead of persuing relationships but the toy can beat a hookup anyday. Instead of going out to a club to find a partner, you can open your goody box and enjoy a sensual experience.


Replica Toys are compact

Masturbators can fit inside a small bag for easy travel and storage. The Tenga Cup is disposable and comes in an attractive case that people won't recognize. The fleshlight is easily concealed from public view with its patented design.This makes it great for road trips and conferences when you don't have the time to get out there and find fulfillment.


The Safest Sex  

With the rise of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections becoming more commonplace, Fleshlights and Strokers are the best option for maintaining safety until you are tested with a partner. Toys allow you to avoid having to use a condom while getting maximum enjoyment from the sexual act. For men not into penetration, masturbators are the perfect alternative. You and your partner can engage in stimulating foreplay and outercourse. Then when it's time to get hot and heavy, you can use the toys on each other for the ultimate release.


Toys are a Great Bargain

Now there is a toy for every budget. And the quality has never been better. For less than $20, you can have an amazing experience. Many toys start around $15 but the higher end toys can cost as much as $80. So take a chance on the wild side. You never know what ectasy you may be passing up.