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Why Every Mans Needs a Sex Toy


Over 8 million men have purchased a sex toy for personal use but there are still men that have not experienced them. There is a misconception that sex toys are for anal penetration. But there are thousands of products designed to make sex better for men. From Cock Rings that keep your erection strong to masturbation strokers that will have your leg shaking from an intense orgasm, sex toys can greatly improve the quality, frequency and intensity of a manís orgasms both with the sex toy and without it when having sex with a partner. Hereís why every man needs one!


 Masturbation Masturbation Better

All men enjoy a great stroke. Some of use see it as a substitution for actual sex. But you can turn this regular activity into one of the best experiences of the day. Using a masturbation toy can make your orgasms more powerful and intense.  Not only are strokers affordable, you can that are designed to offer total discretion. Men who are new to sex toys will be pleasantly suprised to find that most toys in this category have interal nubs and ribs that provide a life like experience. And the material feels like the real thing. Masturbation can become a special experience with the addition of sex toys.


Your Partner Will Benefit 

When you masturbate, you learn more about how your body works and how you like to recieve pleasure. This is excellent information that can be shared with your partner. How can you expect a man know what turns you on if you don't ? Men who donít explore their own sexuality send their partners into sex blind, and they can only guess how he wants to be pleased.It can be an awkard situation asking ' What do you like ? ' while in the midst of intercourse. Don't assume he knows. Explore your own desires.


The Safest Sex  

 You can no longer trust a guy that tells you he's clean. Most men hook up online when the need arises for a quick sexual release. Why not use a toy instead ? Toys can offer the safest sex because you can't catch anything. They provide intense pleasure, satisfy the need and give peace of mind. We both know that you can use condoms to reduce your risk but why bounce from person to person when you could get an intense orgasm in the comfort of your home. You can make it exciting by inviting a friend to watch on webcam.   


Which You Should Choose

Sex toy shopping can seem overwhelming. There are so many different toys to choose from that offer so many different types of sensations. However, there are a few suggestions that can help you have a great time for under $20.  If you are new to masturbation toys, the Tool Box Stroker will definitely have your legs shaking. Seeking an anal orgasm ? The Compact Prostate Massager by  Dr. Joel Kaplan will rock the p spot, the male g spot. If dildos are your thing, the X5 Realistic Dildo will give you plenty of pleasure while being gentle on your pocket.  When choosing a sex toy, it is best to start with a low priced item to determine if its your thing before investing in a premium product. You can uncover what works best for you.