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Why Anal Sex Can Hurt



You Are Not Comfortable

Believe it or not, location plays a great deal in sexual comfort. A man that doesn't feel safe in a location will have challenges enjoying anal sex. This is a common reason some men do not like to engage in penetrative activity in public areas. Bad neighborhoods can also create anxious behavior leading to sexual challenges. If you know your area is bad, its best to travel to him or get a motel. Take a few minutes to spruce up your place before he comes over. Any room that he will be in must be cleaned. Cleanliness is sexy.


You Didn't Engage in Foreplay

While everyone doesn't want to lick it before they stick it, you can gain some great insights from the concept. Anal sex is better when there is foreplay. Foreplay allows the bottom to relax and become prepared for entry. Great foreplay can make him crave anal sex. Be sure to dedicate time to stimulate all of his pleasure zones. Leave no area untouched. He will be in a receptive mood.


You Don't Really Want it

If you really donít want to get down, it will hurt. You have to be completely relaxed to enjoy anal sex. Moreover, you have to trust your partner enough to believe that he will work at your place. I have always believed that the bottom is in control. Tops needs to slow down and realize its not a vagina.  The muscle outside the rectum tightens when stimulated, and it will tighten even more when youíre tense or scared. Forcing entry when this muscle is too tight to allow entry can contribute to the hurt.


You Are Not Lubricated Enough

Relaxing will help ease the initial sensation of anal sex, but no amount of relaxation will ease the discomfort if the sphincter muscle isnít lubricated enough. Spread JUS lube on your partnerís penis and apply more to your anal region to make anal sex more pleasurable. You will stay moist during the act. An anal relaxer can help make anal a very easy affair. Pjur Analyse Me softens the muscles allowing a very smooth glide.