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What You Need to Know About Anal Sex Toys


Anal sex is a staple of gay intercourse. It is stimulating and satisfying. Adding sex toys to the experience can bring satisfaction and pleasure to an entirely new dimension. Your partner can have his most intense orgasm through stimulation of his prostate, commonly called the P Spot.  The most important thing to consider when using sex toys for anal sex is safety. Here’s what you need to know about anal sex and the most popular anal sex toys.



Before you begin anal sex, make sure you have what you need on hand, such as plenty of lubricant. The anal cavity is not self lubricating like a vagina therefore you have to use lots of lubricant during when playing.


Prostate Pleasure

The best and safest toys to use during play are those that are designed for anal sex only. Many have a wide base that prevent it from getting lost. Since we are looking to enhance same sex relations, using a toy specifically for men will allow you to stimulate the inner male pleasure spot called the P Spot. This is the area that can cause very intense orgasms. And you will be happy to know that you don't need anything large to stimulate your special area. The Ram Anal Trainer features a bulbous head and wavy body for ultimate prostate stimulation. This toywill provide unique stimulation for exhilarating anal play.


Slow and Sensual

The most important thing about having anal sex and using anal sex toys is to go slow and listen to your partner. The bottom controls the show. If its comfortable to him, then it will be pleasurable to you. If something is painful, stop and try another that he loves. This could be foreplay or a soothing massage. But remember that by allowing him to find what works will lead to better sex for you both.


Dickz Pickz

White Tiger Silicone Lubricant