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What is Frottage ?


Most men have experienced Frottage but may not know it. If you have ever recieved a lap dance or dirty danced, you recieved the stimulation that frottage offers. Frottage is the technical term for "dry humping"  or " bumping and grinding" .  Frottage can be performed either naked or clothed. It is a form of safe sex that is gaining popularity among gay men.


There are different reasons men choose frottage. The most common reasons are as a form of foreplay before penetration. Some enjoy frottage because it offers more intimacy than traditional intercourse. Frottage connects men on an emotional level. Coupled with foreplay, Frottage can provide intense orgasms. Men that are not turned on by penetration enjoy frot as a satisfying replacement.


In some major cities, men can network with others into frot at underground parties. At these events, you'll find a community that spans all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Although not as pouplar as Jacks parties, frot events do happen. You may have to search more.


Frottage can include using almost every part of the body, including the buttocks, the chest, abdomen, thighs, feet, hands, legs, and sexual organs. It is advised to use oil as a lubricant when enjoying this unique activity. Massage oil is perfect for frottage due to its ability to provide a smooth glide and its enticing aroma. It not only excites but also moisturizes to leave the skin tantalizingly soft and sensually scented.

Add more intimacy to your love life with frottage. It's easy to do and will enhance your sexual experience.