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What are Penis Pumps


A penis pump is a device that fits over the penis for enhancement of the penis. The penis pump creates a suction that will allow your penis to become hard. It is used like a vacuum to create hardness. When the vacuum increases the inner blood pressure and pumps pressure increase getting you even harder. 

Penis pumps are used to help men with erectile dysfunction and impotence. It is used to enhance the enlargement to to help men with erectile dysfunction to maintain an erection. Applying a cock ring to your penis before using the penis pump will enable you stay harder for a longer period of time. The penis becomes harder by the pumping action. The pump makes the penis become enlarged while the band or ring keeps the erection.

Penis pumps help men to achieve and keep an erection so that they can satisfy their partner during sexual activities. The band can be left of the penis so that the hard on will last as long as desired. Men should consider using a penis pump if they have poor blood flow to the penis, diabetes, colon cancer or have had surgery on the prostate.

Men who have a congenital bleeding disorder should never use a penis pump under any circumstances.  Before using a penis pump talk with your doctor about your overall health and well being. He or she can describe how the penis pump works and if it is the right choice for you.


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