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What are Anal Beads


Anal beads are a string of beads attached to each other by a cord that are used for back door stimulation. Some beads have balls that increase in size from the tip to the base. Top quality offerings are made of a non porous material that help ensure safety by being easy to clean. There are an endless types available. Anal beads can be an interesting way to spice up anal stimulation and prostate play.


Although some may think these toys are made for women, men can recieve enjoyment from these unique toys. Many guys donít know how to use them. But they are one of the easiest toys to use.   They are designed for men and are great for newbies. Hereís how use them:


Count Your Beads

You want to know how many beads are on your string.

This helps ensure that when you remove them, there will not be anything left inside.



A good quality water based lubricant is essential for enjoy anal beads. Should you have challenges with insertion, an anal relaxer

like Pjur Analyse Me will soften the muscles for comfort during play.



One by one, start to insert them through the anus into the rectum, stopping whenever your sphincter muscles tighten up too much. If you desire a feeling of pressure inside the rectum, you might want to choose bigger sized anal beads. As you orgasm, start removing them continuously, to enhance pleasure.



Once you have completed your session, cleanse your toy according to the instructions of the manufacturer.

Should you not have any, use a toy cleaner to remove any debris.