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Wet Platinum Sex Lubricant


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The Platinum Standard

Wet has become one of the best known lubricant brands in the industry. If you are not familiar, let me introduce you to one great valueable lube. Wet is a water based lube that is great for sex. It will not stain your sheets, has great consistency and is durable. The company pioneered the formula years ago and it has endured the test of time. We are offering this great product for your enjoyment and pleasure. If you are new to lubricants, Wet should be your first product.

It Feels Like Silk

Wet Platinum Premium Lubricant--Guaranteed never sticky, this premium lubricant is our longest lasting formula.  It never dries so it leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized.  It does not break down in water so try it in the bath, shower, or spa.  It is also great for full body massage and skin conditioning.  The silky smooth 100% silicone formula is latex friendly and doctor recommended. 


High Quality for a Great Price

Wet Sex Lubricants have been a leader in the industry for years by creating products that add intensity and fun in the bedroom.