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Wash Yo Nuts!


Now I know that the topic of dirty balls may not be popular but I felt the need to give my opinion. A friend and I decided to get a little freaky with a couple.  They knew we were gay. I figured this would be a great fantasy to fulfill. Now imagine the scene, everyone is naked and ready to get nasty. I have taken care of my hygiene and washed all those places that can get funky and a few that don't.  The wife goes down on him and tastes a sour pickle.


I almost shit on myself laughing at her expression. She was not happy at all. I am not referring to the fresh from the gym smell a man gives off that makes you want to have sex. He smelled like Budussi [ Butt - Ass - Pussy ]. It was a good thing that she was a friend or we both would have been dismissed. And his 13 inches of Alabama uncut black snake was hard to reject. I learned an important lesson that I wanted to share with my peeps: Wash Yo Nuts ! This includes the dick, balls, the crevice between your legs and Ass.


Keep Some Baby Wipes


Excuse yourself to the bathroom before you get down and do a nice wipe down.


Always use Powder


Our boys can get funky quick so keep him fresh and ready to eat.


Think about the other person.


 Find out how your partner likes their nuts. Some prefer salty and others like them natural.


Dickz Picks

JUS Premium Lubricant by Dick Ross