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The Vacation One Night Stand


You have been planning a trip to your favorite destination. Your trip has become somewhat of an obsession to the point where you bought new clothes, trained in the gym and made reservations at an upscale hotel. Your goal is simple. To party and meet sexy brothers online and off. You are looking for the vacation One-Night Stand.

The Vacation One-Night Stand requires a chase, delivers a prize , gives satisfaction and challenges of your pick up skills. They are a firecracker of sexuality: short, explosive, and leaving a lasting memory that often trumps the actual experience. The No. 1 luxury of the vacation one-night stands centers around attachment. Hook-ups are merely physical. Take our tips for one-night stands and create another memory the next time your are on vacation.

Make a List, Check it Twice

We suggest having ideas of where you want to go before you arrive to the airport. Nothing will kill a vacation weekend like not being prepared. Go online to find out what events interest you and make a plan to be there. If you are not into the clubs,  start chatting with brothers in your destination city. Then keep a list of the potential men that you would like to meet. This tip will make your vacation that much better. There is nothing like getting to know the locals if you know what I mean.

Go to Your Place

You have anticipated the vacation get away for some time. You are staying at a nice hotel. This is the perfect place for your hook-up. Before going out on the prowl, ask the front desk to have your room refreshed and the sheets turned down. Your room will be ready for action.

Be safe

Mystery fuels the fire of a one-night stand. He/She doesnít know you. Everything is physical -- no prior knowledge required and no strings attached. Well, except for one, potentially.  Do you really need a reason to be safe? With some areas experiencing increases in diseases like HIV and syphilis, todayís one-night stands have added risks, and you don't want to be bringing home any unwanted souvenirs.

We all know a brother who has made the occasional mistake and drilled without any hardware. No matter what he says, unprotected sex can yield fatal results for you, in the event one of you is carrying a disease that you donít know about. Donít ruin a perfectly good night. Be safe and get tested regularly, especially if youíre in the habit of having sex with strangers. Since you are focusing on bringing your date back to your hotel, make sure that your condoms are visible. This sends the message ot your partner that you want to protect both of you.

Be adventurous

A Hook-up gives you the opportunity to try out a few new things. Make sure you have a great sexual lubriant on hand. JUS Premium Lubricant by Dick Ross feels silky and doesn't dry out. You only need a little to have a lot of great sex.  Let the guy know exactly what you would like to do. Be vocal. This is your time to shine. Try out those positions you were reading about, Lick chocolate off the body or anything that would allow you to be free. If your partner doesnít like something, then back off, but donít hesitate to live out your fantasy. Inversely, they might be a freak too. Maintain an open mind. Together youíll end up going to previously uncharted territories. This is your time for multiple orgasms. Be sure to supplement with Xplozion Pills. They allow you have explosive orgasms and last longer during the session.


You might not see him again, but donít break ties on a bad note. Always stay nice and avoid topics that kill a great time: politics, religion and the ex. If you enjoyed the time, tell him. Don't make promises about seeing him again. That's not the point of a hook-up. You are enjoying a fantasy. If you have things in common, then ask for his email but make sure you do send one.


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