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How to Use a Prostate Massager


Many men are experimenting with prostate stimulation. Almost daily, I receive emails inquiring how to stimulate the prostate. Although you can do the job with your finger, it is best to use a prostate massager since it is the perfect size to reach your pleasure spot.

The Dr. Joel Kaplan 5 Function Massager and the Ophoria A-Vibe are my two personal favorites that customers have used to experience an anal orgasm. If you have never used a prostate massager, you may not know how to use it since instructions usually don't come in the box.

Prostate massages can be wonderfully intense and satisfying, and they also have health benefits.Whether you use a prostate massager alone or with your partner, you can benefit from these instructions on how to use a prostate massager.


Wash your prostate massager with mild, soapy water before and after usage. If you wish, you can wash your rectum with warm water also. Many men prefer an anal douche before massaging.

Lube it Up

Add a generous amount of JUS Lube to the anal area and to the prostate massager. Slowly insert the massager while lying on your side. The massager should enter the anus about 2/3 of the distance from the opening, with the handle between the buttocks. Be sure the curved part is facing your belly button.

Relax and Experience

Remember to relax until your body adjusts to the feeling. As you are attempting to learn how to use a prostate massager, you may not want to use the vibration feature. Simply stimulate yourself while enjoying erotica or have your partner caress your body.  


Once in position, the prostate and perineum can be pleasured by the prostate massager. You can turn on the vibration feature now or move it from side to side. Be advised that first-time users may feel they have to urinate. This is normal.


You can experience an intense orgasm without direct penile stimulation. However, most men will need some level of physical stimulation to achieve this leg shaking experience.

The prostate massager is a device designed to stimulate men. Relax and enjoy the sensation.