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Unisex 5 Piece Enema Douche Kit


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Ease of Use






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It's Time to Cleanse Deep  

Anal sex brings great pleasure but a shitty ass doesn't. Most people were told about using a traditional enema to cleans themselves. But after the first application, you realize that it may require many rounds before you get the desired effect. There is a better way ! Pipedream Products Unisex Enema Douche System is a safe and comfortable method for preparting yourself for anal sex.

Simple to Use

The Unisex Enema Douche Kit comes with a bag , tube , anal attachment and suction hook. Just fill the bag with water, place the suction hook on the wall, attach your anal end and insert. The water will flow into the colon. Release when you have reached your limit. It's that easy and you will notice how clean and fresh you fill. This system will give you the confidence of knowing that accidents are eliminated because you have given yourself an optimal cleansing.


Durable Value

The Unisex Enema Douche Kit will last a very long time. Most systems on the market cost upwards of $20. While this premier offering is only $10 ! It stores for easy travel so you will never be without the freshest ass on the planet. I am very happy to recommend this cleansing system as the best way to make anal sex better.