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Travel Gripper Double Duty Review


Masturbation has always been the favorite activity of men. We love the way it feels to stroke to completion. And if gets boring, there are hundreds of techniques that we can use to heighten orgasm. Men with masturbation toys usually have one that is designed to look like a mouth, ass or pussy. This creates a challenge when traveling on the road. You want to enjoy your sexual play but don't want to be in the position of explaining your toys to the TSA. It can be a headache on top of embarrassing  Realizing that men needed a masturbator that provided the same pleasure without looking obvious seems to be the inspiration behind the Travel Gripper Double Duty Masturbator. The team at Calexotics has designed this toy to be the optimal size for masturbation while having an appearance that won't arouse suspicion. Could men really have it all ? I had to find out because this may be the travel companion I was looking for.


The Product 

The Travel Gripper Double Duty Masturbator comes in a purple and white box that has a picture of a female, the masturbator and both ends of the toy on the front. ' Travel-Sized Stroker Double Duty ' is located on the front of the box with the Pure Skin and Calexotic labels. ' Dual Density for Guaranteed Satisfaction ' written on the box. The top panel has the name of the product, ' Heavy Duty Dual-Density Masturbator ' along with the Calexotics product label. The side panels have a picture of the same female model. On the back of the box is another picture of the masturbator, the dimensions 5.5 x 2.5 inches, ' The Ultimate Suction Chamber for Maximum Grip and an Explosive Finish ! ' , Maintenance Free and PureSkin material fells like the real thing. There is a website for product registration. The Travel Gripper Double Duty masturbator is placed inside a plastic bag. Upon opening the bag, the material is extremely soft to the touch. It has a thick circular ribbed tunnel similar to that of the Colt Gear Man Butt Masturbator. The shape of the toy is similar to an hour glass with the middle being much thinner than the ends. The masturbator is easy to hold due this ergonomic design. The entry points are two circular holes on each end.


How it Works 

To enjoy the Travel Gripper Double Duty, rinse the toy with warm water to clean. Place the toy in warm water to gently increase the temperature for a life like experience. Apply a generous amount of premium water based lubricant in the canal. I used JUS Premium Lubricant to create a very slick glide. Because the masturbation toy is dual sided, be sure to place lubricant in both ends. Place more lubricant on yourself. Be sure to wipe off all excess from your hands. Hold the toy in your dominant hand and enter with your erect penis. Now masturbate as usual. You can increase the sensation by tightening your grip. If you are larger than 5 inches in length, your penis will slide through the hole in the bottom of the masturbator. Masturbate to completion. Rinse with warm water and place in a dark area. I always sprinkle corn starch on my toys to maintain the softness of the material but it isn't necessary.


The Experience

I didn't know that I would receive the Travel Gripper Double Duty masturbator. It was on my list of toys to review but had not shown up to my door. It was like life. Sometimes you get what you were asking for at the most unexpected time. I had just received a new bottle of JUS Premium Lubricant and finished writing a special report on Glory Holes. I was in a freaky mood. I opened the package to see that the masturbator wasn't encased  It looked like that on the internet. It wasn't a big deal because I knew that unusual things can produce intense pleasure. The Travel Gripper resembled an odd looking stress ball I had seen in a corporate magazine. This would be perfect for life on the road. I soaked the toy water and soft soap for a few hours because there was some type of smell coming from it. Once ready to play, I dried the toy off and made my way to Xtube. I wanted to watch some videos of people having sex in Glory Holes.


I placed my Travel Gripper in very warm water to gently heat it up. I  placed a generous amount of lubricant in both entry points of the masturbator. I placed my finger in both holes to ensure that penetration would be smooth. The circular walls inside the toy felt like being inside of an ass. I was starting to become aroused. I lubed myself and found a Glory video that was top rated. Watching a couple have anonymous taboo sex through a hole in the wall of a video booth turned me on and heightened my desire to use my toy.


I slide inside the Travel Gripper and was welcomed by the life like material. I could feel each and every pleasure ring in the inner texture. I began to squeeze the masturbator to add some tension and give myself another sensation. This was very erotic. As the lady in the video began to be fed by a monster cock through the glory hole, I slide inside my Double Duty masturbator matching his stroke. As he pushed, I pushed. He hesitated, I mimicked his action. He pumped faster, I increased the speed of my stroke.


The lady in the video was nearing orgasm. I was approaching my maximum. Watching her convulse caused me to release my stress. My body shook feverishly. I couldn't move. I closed my eyes to enjoy this tantric experience that was naughty and taboo. I felt like I was on the other side of the booth. The Travel Gripper made this fantasy feel real. I was in a state of exhaustive joy. I had an intense orgasm with a new toy while watching a twist on an old fetish. This was what great sex was about. Sometimes doing something different is all you need to get to the next level. Who knew this odd looking masturbator would be the catalyst.


The Pros 

I really enjoyed the masturbation experience. It felt life like and the rings gave me an anal sensation. The majority of masturbation toys don't have the pleasure rings that the Travel Gripper Double Duty has. I love the ergonomic grip that allows me to squeeze the toy to add another dimension of pleasure. The toy did respond very well to lubricant. It stayed slick the entire time eliminating the need to re-apply during use. The material is very soft on the outside. The inner circular ribbed texture could be felt from base to tip. The Travel Gripper Double Duty is made to accommodate the majority of men. If you are longer than average, your penis will slide through the hole. A man that has a wide width will need to slide into the toy slowly. Once you are in, it will be very intense.


The Challenges


I do admit that when I first saw the masturbator I thought the middle was a plastic case and not the soft TPR material. I am sure a few other men may think they are getting an encased masturbator with life like entry points. I think that Calexotics should place the words ' Super Soft ' or ' Super Stretchy ' on the box so that a man isn't disappointed. Rarely do store employees know what the actual toy looks like. The toy does seem to attract lent if left out by itself or in a draw. I would suggest that men place the masturbator in a bag after cleaning to keep it fresh. Be advised, there is some type of odor to the masturbator. Comparing it to Colt Masturbator and Girl Next Door , it is strong. The other masturbators don't have an odor. The smell even was on my hands after gripping the toy. This may be a product defect so I won't throw it under the bus. I have no idea how to eliminate the smell besides suggesting that you soak the toy for a few hours in soft soap and let it air dry for a few days. Cleaning and Storage instructions should be placed inside the box. A company can never assume that men know how to take care of strokers. Although it says maintenance free, a man that is new to masturbators may not understand what it means and if his smells like mine, he will be at a loss trying to eliminate the odor. To increase satisfaction, Calexotics should enclose a sample of lubricant in the box.


The Decision 

The Travel Gripper Double Dutymasturbator is a pleasure to use. It gives a very intense anal experience that will definitely satisfy gay men that love a tighter grip when it comes to masturbation toys. The sensation is real due to the life like TPR material used in the design.The inner circular walls will hug and massage your penis. The Travel Gripper Double Duty masturbator is stretchy and soft. Men of all sizes will be happy with using this toy. The design does give a man more discretion. It really does look like it could be an odd shaped stress ball. With the toy gently warmed in water and a premium lube applied, you can have a leg shaking orgasmic experience. I hope that my toy had a design flaw because the odor is very strong. Should you experience this, be sure to soak the toy in soft soap and let it air dry. Although some men may think that the toy is encased  they can be pleasantly surprised by the ergonomic design. I recommend the Travel Gripper Double Duty Masturbator to any man that wants a device that provides intense pleasure while being discreet. You will be able to enjoy this unique toy without having to answer questions from nosy TSA agents or co-workers. Women should buy this for their man if he spends part of his career on the road. It would definitely make phone sex hotter. And if you attend Jacks Parties, this toy would definitely be the talk of the event.


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Travel Gripper Double Duty Masturbator