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Top Reasons Men Buy Fleshlights



If youíre a guy who is looking for an easy way to get hassle-free sex, then you need to buy a Fleshlight. The Fleshlight male masturbation device is the premier name in male sexual pleasure. Over 5 Million men are already using the toy. Many of them have posted videos online to show thier devotion. But with a price range that averages $40 - 80, many men need a concrete reason to invest. For you, I have comprised a list of the top reasons men by the Fleshlight.


 Far Superior Than Your Hand

You are going to masturbate no matter what, why not use a toy that feels just like the real thing ? Those who own the Fleshlight report that using the toy is superior. The Fleshlight is soft , stretches, warms up and feels like real skin.  With its textured inserts that mimic  oral, anal and vaginal sex, you will reach a new level of pleasure. And after you have your first orgasm with a Fleshlight, you may never jack the old way.


Enjoy Discreet Pleasure

Are you terrified that someone might find your sex toy? The Fleshlight looks just like an ordinary flash light. This design doesn't arouse suspicion. You can store it in the back of your closet or in a gym bag. No one will ever know.  


Fleshlights  Never Say No

Regardless to how suave or the amount of swagger you have, there will be times when you can't hook up. The Fleshlight is always available and ready to go. A Fleshlight will never say ďnoĒ,  be moody,  have a headache, or be on a period. You donít have to accept excuses because great sex is there when you want it.


There is Something for Everyone

Do you enjoy vaginal sex? There are Fleshlight Girl models molded after your favorite porn stars.  How about a little back door action? There are  Fleshlights molded after a soft booty.  For those who prefer oral sex, there are Fleshlights that resemble a mouth. Gay ? You will be well taken care of. The Fleshjack is made for Gay Men with models molded after top adult stars. There are different skin tones to fantasize about sex with a partner that is as dark or light as you prefer.


 Lifetime of Pleasure

If you clean your Fleshlight properly, it will last a lifetime. The cost of a Fleshlight is exceedingly small when you weigh the amount of gas money you may spend driving to an online hook up over time. Should you visit the baths or booth stores for getting off, you can easily spend that amount of money in four visits. And let's be honest, there is no guarantee that you will meet someone when you go out especially if your standards are high. Investment in your pleasure ensures you can get off when you want saving time and money.


The Safest Sex

STD's are on the rise along with raw sex. It seems more men are taking the condoms off leaving you questioning every potential sex partner. There are a number of men not into penetration. These men enjoy massage, frottage and other sensual acts. The Fleshlight can enhance your sex life by giving you the pleasure of intercourse. You can't get an STD from masturbation. And this ultra realistic experience provides all the pleasure without none of the pain STD's can cause.


Control Premature Ejaculation

What is premature ejaculation? It simply means that you reach a climax faster than you, or your partner, would like you to. There is no specific time limit where the duration of sex ends too quickly, it all boils down to how long you want to last, or how long your partner wants you to last. Most men know what premature ejaculation is, but how do you control it? Control premature ejaculation with a Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit! This special model offers an excellent opportunity for training with a unique texture that helps develop stamina and confidence. Men have reported their longevity during intercourse is lengthened after practicing intercourse with the Stamina Training Unit.


 Great for Mature and Disabled Men

Unfortunately, mature men and those who are disabled donít always have adequate access to sex. Mature gay men sometimes do not feel like going through the rejection faced by those who openly discriminate. Many mature gay men pay for rentboys and hustlers to fulfill the need. Save money and invest in a Fleshlight while you are looking for a quality connection. Disabled men who have issues attracting mates can take heart in the fact that a Fleshlight is always ready and available. The Fleshlight is an excellent opportunity to experience sex that feels real.


I am sure your mental wheels are considering purchasing a Fleshlight. We have a selection of toys available at DickzToyz and even more in our inventory. You will definitely find what you are looking for.


Dick'z Pickz

Brent Everett Fleshjack Mouth