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Top Oral Sex Tips for Men



Every freak knows that the blow job is the easiest way to turn a man on. There are very few men that can't resist a hot mouth. Some even prefer it to quickies. You can give him a much needed release that will spice things up. But some men aren't comfortable going down. They may feel they don't have the skills bring pleasure. You don't have to worry about that any more. Hereare some tips to relieve your anxiety, and get you to make his toes curl.


Get into it

This is the number one complaint most men have about recieving oral pleasure. Nothing is worse than having someone down below that doesn't want to be there.  Don't listen to Kim Catrell of Sex and the City, oral sex isn't a  ďjobĒ, but a treat to turn your man on. Donít be afraid to be enthusiastic by moaning, slapping yourself with it and licking him like a lollipop.


No Teeth !

This is rather obvious, but for most guys having teeth scraped across their penis is painful and a sure fire way never to get near his manhood again.  Try to wrap your lips around your teeth to avoid scraping him while giving a blow job.  If your mouth is really small and you canít avoid scraping you can practice your oral sex skills on a banana or dildo. The Bulge 6 Inch Natural Feel Dildo by Blush Novelties is the right of an average man and made of life like material. With it being clear, you can see if you are biting or not.  By practicing, your muscles and ligaments in your jaw will become more flexible over time.


 Make it Wet

Marc Anthony isn't the only person that likes it slow and sloppy. Yes, use lots of lube and split when giving oral.  The wetter the better.  Donít be afraid to get messy.  Try adding some flavored lubricant like System JO Strawberry Kiss .  Follow this with a teasing, warm, wet tongue bath as you lap up the flavored lube, then suck him into your mouth making him moan for more.



If you fear that he may smell or taste strong, then seduce him into the shower where you can lovingly worship his genitals by giving him a sexy foreplay wash-up.  You can even start your BJ in there!



If you don't like fluids, use a condom.  Yes, you can get STDs from oral sex.  Flavored condoms work great for blow jobs . You can even put it on with your mouth. Be sure to add some lube to the tip of the condom to allow him to have an added sensation.


    Use Variety

Donít be a ďone trick ponyĒ and just suck him off like you are a vacuum cleaner (unless heís into that).  Lick his genitals all over including his scrotum and perineum (the skin between his balls and anus).  Kiss the head of his penis like you are giving him a French kiss.  Spell the alphabet on his cock with your tongue, smooth your tongue up and down, or swirl it around.  Try varying types of pressure from barely touching and soft teasing blows, so ravenous sucking like it is a tasty lollipop.  Flick the head of his penis with your tongue, use your hands to stroke, corkscrew his shaft, as well as cup and tickle his scrotum.


Go Deep

Not every guy can deep throat.  Becoming an expert deep throat-er is partly anatomy and partly practice.  You can start shallow and work your way down as you get use to the feeling. Each time you go deeper; swallow to deactivate your gag reflex.  Breathe through your nose and pace your breathing with each withdrawal so you are not gasping for air.  Humming or moaning while you go deep will also lessen the gag reflex and relax your throat. If you are not interested in deep throat, then use a masturbator toy that can give him the same stimulation. The  Head Honcho is an incredibly detailed, tight and stretchy stroker with a nubbed inner chamber. With its Life-like texture, superior suctionand and easy grip use, you will be able to make his toes curl without having to choke. And it vibrates. You don't even need to hum.