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Six Tips for Improving Your Sex Life


  There are times when the heat fizzles out, or life just happens to get in the way. Like everything else, a sex life requires maintenance to maintain its quality and excitement.  Each of these tips is not only beneficial, but fun.


 Masturbating can improve sex life for anyone by allowing a person to better understand their own body. It is impossible to expect another person to know all the right areas if you don't know where they are yourself. Take time to explore what works and what doesn't so that the information can be communicated to your partner so they know what works for you. There are some great masturbation toys that work well for men. The Jack Grip UR3 Masturbator gives an intense orgasm with a life like feel adding a new dimension of sexual fulfillment.


 Be open and honest with your partner about what you want, what feels good, and what does not work. This is the best way to get it right every time with out having to guess. 


 Fantasies are a great way to loose yourself in an idea or situation outside of normal life. Take the time to discuss different fantasies with your partner and then take turns acting out each others fantasies.

 Buy a Book

 Pick up a book on different sexual positions and then read it with your partner. Trying out different positions will add heat and excitement.

 The Build Up 

 A great way to improve your sex life is to build up to the big moment by turning each other on through out the day. Try sending a few sexy text messages about what you want to try later, or what crossed your mind when you saw them leave for work that morning. Try adding a sexy note. This allows for the power of suggestive thinking to take over all day long and have each of you ready and willing when you see each other at the end of the day.


Some men loose interest in sex as a result of age, stress or personal issues. Others find that getting rock hard isn't as easy as it once was. Supplementation will allow you to give your body the natural edge that brings the spice in the relationship. Vitamin C is a great way to not only be healthier, but boost blood flow in all the right areas. Taking a few thousand milligrams of Vitamin C a day can help a man have a more stiff, longer lasting erection. I use Explozion pills to increase the intensity of my orgasms. This natural supplement allows me to go all night and shoot larger loads. My partner loves the renewed energy when we we get down.