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Tiger Lubricant Mauled Review

The sex lubricant category has exploded. There are products that provide warming and coooling sensations. You can enjoy sex lubricant that comes in a cream formulation or looks like cum. Whatever you need, there is a lube for that.  New brands are making bolder promises than the traditional products that our community has come to trust. Could a new sex lubricant actually provide a smooth glide and not put a dent in your pocket ? This seems to be a complex task but Tiger Lubricant decided to accept the challenge.


The Product

Tiger Lubricant comes in several types of formulations:Tiger Paw, Mauled and  . Each one is designed to provide a unique experience whether you are masturbating, need an all purpose lubricant or plan on an extended session. Tiger lubricant is available in an 8 oz bottle and a sample pack. The bottle is clear with a black label that has an attractive picture of a Tiger, the type of lubricant , and purpose.


How it Works

Simply apply a generous amount of Tiger Lubricant to your erect penis, sex toy or partner. If using a condom, enhance your sensation by adding lubricant inside and outside to create a sensual glide.


My Experience

I was enjoying our amazing sex toy expo XXXplore Atlanta during Columbus Weekend. Myself and a few close friends decided to use the down time to attend the Pride festival. Among the maze of vendors, social groups and vendors was a booth that read Tiger Lubricant. Jamal pushed me in that direction. I had the pleasure of meeting the owners of the company and get the inside scoop on this unique product. They had just launched two months ago and this was a coming out of sorts. I was given a sample packet and sent a bottle in the mail for review.

I knew that this lubricant would need something special so I decided to use it with the Do It Yourself Pocket Pal by Calexotics. Upon opening the packet, the lubricant had a very smooth feel. As instructed, I placed the lubricant on my erect penis and then a generous amount in the toy. I slid into the toy and was taken to a place of ecstasy. The closed end of the toy plus the friction of my body warmed up the lubricant. Nearing orgasm, I enjoyed that squishy feeling great sex affords. Once I reached my maximum, I simply washed the lubricant out of the toy and cleaned myself off.



Tiger Lubricant  is smooth to the touch. It has a thicker consistency than some popular brands. This allows more of the product to stay on your body. During penetration the lubricant warms with the body during penetration giving an added sensation to an already great experience. Tiger Lubricant washes off very easy. It did not stain my sheets. The price is one of its best features. You can get an 8 oz bottle for the price of three bottles of the premium brands online. The savings increase for those that purchase their sex lubricant at a retail store. I love that the lubricant is colorless and odorless.  



Tiger lubricant has slight stickiness when it is exposed to air for a long duration of time. Adding another drop of lubricant brought it back to life. This can vary based on the type of skin. I have very dry skin so my body would require more lubricant than someone who has oily skin. For that person, a small application of Tiger Lubricant would last a long time.


The Decision

Tiger Lubricant provides a great sexual experience at a price that will make your pocket say AHHH. The thicker consistency provides a very smooth and sensual glide during penetration. It has a smooth application which will enhance sex. It will save you  money because it comes in an 8 oz bottle which doesn't require frequent trips to the store. I highly reccomend that you make the switch. Although some skin types may need to reapply after extended use, a small application will have you back to action in a matter of seconds. If you want your love life to be insatiable, its time to channel the animal in you and get Tiger Lubricant.


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