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3 Spots That Drive Men Wild


Any part of the body can be an area of sexual pleasure, seduction and potentially even orgasm.  However, there are a few areas which are a bit more exciting than others. Most think that men don't have any area on the body that are the equivalent to the G-Spot on a women. In fact there are three that can provide intense orgasms and pleasure. Would you like to know where they are ? Here's  the scoop.



The frenulum is a triangular area at the bottom of the head of the penis. If he is uncut, it it is the area where the skin connects with the penis. The scientific name is the glans head. It's covered in super sensitive nerve endings making it one of the most important zones in his whole genital region. Try stimulating his F-Spot during oral sex by licking , sucking and flicking your tongue across the area, will drive him wild. Even blowing warm air over it can cause a reaction.


External P-Spot

The prostate gland is highly sensitive and most men can experience pleasure when the  external region of the prostate is stimulated. To work your magic press firmly with your fingers along the area between his testicles and anus. This is called the perineum. An anal vibrator like the Dr. Joel Kaplan 5 Function Prostate Massager can provide a variety of sensations giving him endless pleasure.


Internal P-Spot 

Reaching his internal P-Spot will require trust and plenty of practice. Using lubricated fingers you will need to massage the inner wall of his rectum, pressing your fingers towards his belly button. Think of Captain Hook and you have the correct finger position. Start with gentle sensations and work up to an intensity that feels best. For an intense orgasm, you can stimulate him with a hand job while working the P Spot.  There are lots of sex toys on the market that are specifically designed to reach this area. I like the Dr. Joel Kaplan 5 Function Prostate massager due to its size and ability to hit his spot perfectly. Be sure to use a premium water based lubricant to ensure a smooth insertion.