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The Scoop on Silicone Based Sex Lubes


Silicone based lubricants have been used for many years because of their safety and ability to be used in water. Because they are not water based, silicone lubricants don’t “dry up” which means that a little will go along way.  


Silicone based lubricants are safe to use with condoms and provide the slippery feeling many men are looking for during sex.  If creating an inviting atmosphere of warmth, intimacy and sensuality is what you desire, you can't go wrong with these lubes. But in order to enjoy the full benefits, here are a few suggestions to consider before taking your sex life to a new level.  


High Quality is an added luxury 

Silicone based lubricants are more expensive because they use more dimethicone. Dimethicone adds to the price while creating a more velvety and lush feeling than you would get using other lubricants.  


Take Cleanup into Consideration  

These lubes are not water solubale so it won't come off your sheets. Although the enjoyment is worth the preparation, it is best to use a towel under bedding that can be stained. Once you are used to the extra step, it won't feel like an inconvenience.  


You Don't Want to Lick It

The taste from silicone based lubricants is not pleasant. So be careful to wipe yourself with a moist toilette after intercourse before starting oral pleasure. A great suggestion is to use the lubricant with a condom , discard after penetration and then begin oral sex.


A Little Goes a Long Way

What couldn't be better than getting more miles from your lubricant. This is what active couples experience with these lubes. Just a little dab will do more and stay on you. So the each bottle gives you more that what you would ever expect.


Well Worth the Cost  

Quality is its own luxury and you get pure sexual ectasy when using silicone based lubricants. If you have always used  water based products, then you can take your sex life to a new level of enjoyment and pleasure. If you enjoy bare sex, it will provide a deeper level satisfaction. Condom users will immediately notice the velvety feel you have been missing.


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