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Talking Dirty To Your Man


You and your man are in bed getting it on, he gets his lips close enough to your ear and whispered those four little words that leave many men completely confused: "Talk dirty to me." So now what do you say? What does he want to hear exactly? Is he expecting porno talk or does he want you to be suave and use creative language to describe his banging body? There's only one way to find out...

Study Your Man

You have to watch and listen to how he behaves. Could he give sailors a run for their money with vulgar language? Or is he more laid-back, preferring the use of romantic words to turn him on? Of course, this hint alone determines nothing. I knew many brothers who acted so sweet and innocent in public but became nsavage beasts and used the nastiest language I've ever heard in the bedroom. And then there were the "bad boys" who put on this thug facade but became quiet as a church mouse in the bedroom.


Before You Start

There are certain things you must keep in mind when it comes to dirty talk in order to maintain a happy relationship:


Don't Disrespect Him

Even when you do talk dirty, remember that you're living out a fantasy. So that doesn't mean that he really thinks he's a bitch or cum hole. Rather, he simply enjoys being treated like a bad boy on occasion. Separate fantasy from reality.


Start Out Slow

It's better to be safe than sorry so I strongly recommend that you start out by saying tamer things and with tamer language (for instance, "I've been wanting to get inside you all day"), and slowly moving on to the cruder lingo in time.


Turn the Tables

The best way to encourage dirty talk is by assuming a different role in the bedroom. You submit and let him be more dominant. This way you'll get more of a clue as to what he means when he mentions "dirty talk." You need directions and he's the only one who knows the route. Or you can take the lead and tell him how bad he's been and what you are going to do to him.


Hard-Core Talk

In the complete throes of passion, many people have been known to yell out some of the kinkiest, if not nastiest phrases known to man. So you can get nasty and fill in all of the following gaps with some of the most vulgar language you can think of. If you want to scream and yell or get close to his ear and whisper it lightly, that's up to you. But for the sake of giving you ideas, here are a few things you could say in the heat of the moment (not for the faint of heart):


 I want to [fill in verb] you with my hard [fill in noun] until you [fill in verb] all over me.

 I want you to suck my stiff [fill in noun] while I suck on your throbbing [fill in noun].

 Put him up against the wall and put your hand up inside his jock.

Do you like it when I stick my finger inside your wet [fill in noun] ? I've been waiting all day to bend you over and [fill in verb] you deep and hard.


Take Over

It's time for you to take creative initiative and tell it like it is. Whether he likes it soft-core or hard, add some fun to your bedroom experience by giving him a speech he won't soon forget. Keep in mind however, that talking dirty is not necessary during every sexual session and sometimes silence can say so much. So until next time, if you plan to walk the walk, remember that you need to talk the talk as well.