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Swiss Navy Water Based Lubricant


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The  Military Can't Keep This Secret

Swiss Navy was a lubricant that I was introduced to by a friend. We were meeting up for some fun and he pulled out a very large bottle of this lubricant. Open to trying almost anything, we used the water based lube and the results were great. I knew that offering this product to you would be a benefit. Swiss Navy is a premium lubricant made for men that desire to feel everything. You want it wet, slick, warm and hot !

Top Quality Engineering  

Swiss Navy water based lubricant is an advanced formulation designed to provide slickness and low viscosity. You directly benefit because there is no gel consistency to get in the way of your sex sessions. The lubricant feels soft to the touch and has moisturizing agents that do not irritate the skin. The lubricant will not stain your sheets. It can be easily washed with warm water. The bottle is designed not to leak. I have experienced lubricant spills in my bag with lesser quality products. Swiss Navy eliminates this and adds a unique spray nozzle that gives the right amount of lubricant every time. You will not have to replenish the bottle as quickly because this feature will hallow it to last longer.

A Toy Lovers Lube

All lubricants are not designed to work well with toys. Swiss Navy works well with masturbators. I know a few men that keep a small bottle close to their fleshlight. I suggest getting two bottles if you are very active. One to keep at home and a small 2oz bottle for travel. Once you use Swiss Navy, you may not want to try another. I though product evangelists were only regulated to Trader Joe's but Swiss Navy has created its own loyal following because of one thing: Quality !


The Price of Pleasure

Swiss Navy is a Premium Sex Lubricant with a price that is a pleasure. The 2oz bottle works well for travel and the Gun Oil Water Based Lubri8oz is great for the home. My friend lives by Swiss Navy. After one use, I have added it to my lubricant gallery.