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Str8cam Sex Lube


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10.00 - 8 oz.

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$0.75 - Travel Size

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42.30 - Half Gallon


Looks Like Cum .. Feels Silky Smooth

There are a very few sex lubricants that can deliver both on quality and price. And Str8cam lube does both ! This sex lubricant looks like cum. It has a silky smooth texture that is sure to please anyone looking to stroke all night long. Whether masturbation or penetration, you will use this lubricant again and again. Safe for use with toys, Str8cam lubricant gives the visual stimulation very few achieve. It's the ultimate product for cream pie fantasies. Water based in a formula that does not get sticky or dry out.


Quality in Design

STR8cam Lube does not have a distinct taste & it does not smell like chemicals. Which means that you experience sex with all sensations without having any interference. It's perfect for anal, vaginal, oral, solo and more. Having a sex party? STR8cam Lube is the perfet companion. STR8cam Lube is an all purpose water based lube that's safe for use with condoms and sex toys. STR8cam Lube will not stain your sheets, underwear, or expensive feitsh gear. But is thick and creamy and it's easy to wash off.


What People Are Saying

" Str8Cam Lube is a brilliantly silky smooth lube that looks and feels more like cum than any other. Itís clean, safe and slides easily into any orifice! Not to mention the fun packaging and easy to use pump action bottles or easy open sachets, donít delay buy yours today.Ē - Gay Undies

" Thanks for the super hot product.  I used the lube you sent with my fleshjack, and itís almost as if theyíre made for each other. " - Lucifyr

" I loved the lube! I love that it looks and feels like cum. Most favorite thing itís long-lasting. I didnít have to stop and reapply not one time. Your lube won me over and will def be buying more.  " Ė BobbyDrakeXXX

" I liked the overall feel and texture of itÖ not grimy or gritty or overly greasy. Really nice feel to it. I like that it was easy to clean. The fact it looks like cum is cool, but the lube is so good that becomes a novelty. "  Ė TheNumberNYC

" Just wanna say thanks for the Incredible product. I have been looking for some great lube that I can take with me and not have to worry about a big mess. I can use it at work, or at home. It is no mess at all. Keep up the good work stud. "  Ė Dustin