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Spice Up Your Sex Life with Motel Sex


Although some people associate motels with the seedier side of life, not all motels are filthy. Many motels have upgraded bedding [ like the Motel 6 in Dallas pictured above ] ,  baths and rooms that make your upcoming fantasy something to remember. Add a little twist to your sex life by going to a motel.


Because You Are Both Busy

If you and your man are constantly busy with work and hardly have the time to see one another, let alone be intimate, then why not plan a date at a motel? You could set the whole thing up by decorating the room before he gets there. It doesn’t take much: buy some quality alcohol, light some scented candles and you are ready to go.

Turn the bath  into a luxury spa by adding some bubble bath. Get a loofah sponge to sensually scrub your man. Not only will your man appreciate the time and effort that you put into setting up the whole date, he will likely make sure that you get your money's worth.


Go Ahead, Get Dirty 

If there's one thing that everyone hates after a passionate session of uninhibited sex, it's the clean up. And those of us who use the entire house in our endeavors know that cleaning up is no small feat. Not to mention those permanent stains on the couch, and the bed, and the carpet, and the...

You obviously get the point here. This is another great reason why renting a motel room for an evening of kick-butt sex is worth it . With the freedom to get down and dirty without having to worry about spilling any massage oil on the sheets (among other things), your mind, and his, can focus solely on the fabulous night ahead of you.


I'll Be John...

Another wonderful addition to the motel scene is the fact that a foreign environment can bring out the bold, wild man you knew was always inside of him. You can always meet up in a bar and act as though you've never met one another before. There's nothing as good as having adulterated sex with a virtual stranger (or someone who's acting like one).


Lets Get Wild

The best sex in the world occurs when two people lose all inhibitions and let the savage beasts that remain tamed within them loose in bed. By renting a motel room, there's no need to worry whether or not the neighbors can hear him screaming out your name in bed. And it doesn't matter if the headboard is constantly banging against the wall. 

You can spank his butt without worrying if the people next door are going to call the police with a domestic abuse accusation.  You can tell him all those dirty little things that you've always wanted to say and do. It may be surprising, but sometimes a new environment can reap a new attitude and if your man is open to new things, then don't hesitate to comply with his requests.


Toys are for Boys

Speaking of toys, why not surprise him with something that the two of you have never tried before? Have him surrender to you by tying his arms and legs to the bed. Then pull out the Super Sucker UR3 Masturbator and give him a hand job he will never forget. It doesn’t stop there. Drip some warm candle wax while his senses are depraved. An erotic massage candle will not burn his skin. And when he begins to orgasm, pleasure him orally. You are only just getting started. For round two, penetrate him slowly in new positions you have never tried before. Use the Position Master to hit his A Spot in ways he never expected.

This will add the ultimate edge to your sex life.  


Motel, Motel, Holiday Inn  

It's plain to see that a motel room can bring out the animal in all of us and there's no better way to tame the beast than to let it have its way every once in a while. Having the freedom to do and say things that would otherwise be questionable is a wonderful experience.

Planning these kinky evenings every once in a while is a healthy way to keep your relationship going strong for years to come. Remember that no matter how well you think you know someone, there's always something new to learn.


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