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Six Tips for Sex in the Shower


Sex in the shower is an awesome way to start the morning. Yet some men feel by the thought of slipping and falling. However, although it takes some creative planning, there are many advantages to this very wet form of sexual activity.


Why You will Love It  

The shower is the most natural place to be naked, and getting busy there creates a new passion.   Having steamy hot water run down your bodies is extremely seductive. This is one of the optimal places for romance, oral attention and deep kissing. Itís an efficient, no fuss way to get off, and comes in especially handy when you donít have privacy or when time is a constraint. I was introduced to this form of sexual enjoyment when my partner had company. He told me to come in the shower to bring him something. When I walked in, he was standing at attention and told me to join him. The experience rocked my world and changed my view of intimacy. Shower sex is refreshing and invigorating, which is great for those men who love to sleep after a nut. Doing it in the shower is a highly effective form of Foreplay, as well as a perfect opportunity to get a quickie. Shower sex can be the place where the main event takes place or a deliciously clean precursor to getting dirty everywhere else in the house. Though, you donít necessarily need to leave the bathroom. Check out these tips for showersex.


 Make it Safe 

Please be careful when getting down in the shower. Itís very easy to slip, so take precautions  Make sure your shower floor is clean of any soapy or oily residue. While at play, use bath products carefully; you can easily lose your footing on a slick body scrub. Although steamy can be sexy, provide adequate ventilation to prevent anyone from getting faint or dizzy. Suction cup handles are ideal. They provide added support and stability for the couple, and if positioned right, can boost eroticism. Use adhesive grips or a rubber mat. These are easily found in any retailer.


 Set the mood 

Be prepared for anything and everything. Many of the same accessories you keep handy for lovemaking in the bedroom are useful in the bathroom; candles and sensual music are a must. Have nicely scented soap on hand. Keep a bottle of silicone lube on hand to allow you both to say lubricated.


Wash Each Other  

Washing one another is an intimate and seductive act. Both of you come out clean, smelling fresh and feeling confident, all of which help put you in the mood. Use a sponge, bath mitt or soft washcloth and lather each others` bodies with a mild soap or gentle shampoo. Take your time to caress sensitive areas and feel free to sneak in a tongue or a finger. This activity is a natural lead in for oral sex, rimming and Anal Sex. If youíve always wanted to try some new oral sex positions, the showerís the place to do it.


Water Toys 

What a great place to introduce a sex toy! Consider the fun you could have with a vibrating anal massager. How about a Dildo that you could suction to the shower wall? If you donít have any toys suitable for water play, kiss every inch of your partners body. He will be driven to ecstasy.


 Appropriate Sex Positions 

Prepare an arsenal of positions to use in the shower. If thereís a significant height or body size difference, itís all the more reason to have some practised in your mind. In addition, be mindful of positioning yourselves so that water isnít spurting into one anotherís face.

The most appropriate positions are variations on the standing Rear Entry position called The Bouncer .Have him put his hands up against the wall and spread his legs, as though he were getting frisked, and penetrate from behind. Get him to bend over and and grab his ankles to enjoy  Prison Guard. If you want gaze into each othersí eyes the Standing Missionary works wonders. Be sure that his back is on the shower wall. Lift up one leg and you have the Salsa position. If you strong and support your partners,another hot shower position is to hold him up entirely in the Stand & Carry position.


 Make the Best of What Youíve Got 

You may not own the shower youíve always fantasized about having sex in but, whether itís big or small, use what youíve got to your advantage. Why not try getting it on in the shower ? Whether you use it to start off a night of fantastic lovemaking, or as a quick way to get off, the shower is an un-sung winner.