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10 Function Vibrating Silicone Stud Lasso Review


Everyone is talking about the penis. Years ago it was such a taboo topic. You would never hear men on television admit they couldn't have an erection. This discussion was relegated to the bedroom or in some cases reduced to a silent stare. Advances in medication have given men the confidence to take pills that allow them to pleasure their partners all night long. It seems too easy. Admist the advertisements was a solution that provided effectiveness for less than the cost of one prescription.

The cock ring has proved its ability to support great sex but advances in the design have offered nothing more than cosmetic features. Could the cock ring be updated for the sexually active man of today ? Would it provide a firmer erection and greater comfort ? Calexotics went into the design room to find a solution to these questions. When they left, the 10 Function Vibrating Silicone Stud Lasso was placed on the table with a promise to increase stamina and give support. Could this interesting device live up to its expectations ? I had to find out.


The Product

The 10 Function Vibrating Silicone Stud Lasso comes in a clear package that is made for wall displays. Increases Stamina, Extra Support for Him, 10 Intense Functions of Vibrations and Perfect for Lovemaking are written on the front of the package. There are three batteries opposite the lasso. The logo ' Pure Silicone ' is placed above the batteries. The black cord is connectedto a red vibrating bullet. The back of the package informs the customer that the product is waterproof. You are further instructed that three watch size batteries will power the bullet . Additional directions on using the vibrating bullet are under a picture of the stud lasso.


How it Works

After opening the package,keep the black cord connected to the red vibrating bullet while you unscrew the bullet at the bottom end where the black button is located. Remove the white piece of paper located in the battery compartment. There will be three batteries in the bullet ready for use. Place the cap back on the bullet. You are now ready to use it. Use a premium water based lubricant to apply to all areas that will touch the Stud Lasso [ the balls and cock ]. Pull the red vibrating bullet downard. It will make the loop in the black cord larger until it is wide enough for you to fit your penis and/or penis and balls through the hole. You should not be erect.  Place your manhood inside the lasso. Tighten the stud lasso by pulling the two ends of the black cord down while pulling the vibrating bullet up. To use the vibration function, press the black button. Continue to press until you find a setting that is comfortable. Enjoy your sexual activity. To remove, pull the vibrating bullet down until you are able to remove your manhood. You can wash the device in warm soapy water.


My Experience

Cock rings are one of the toys that I had very little experience with. I was blessed to be a man that required very little stimulation to remain rock hard. I know men who wear them for cosmetic purposes and others who experience a firm erection with them. Before I would experiment with the Silicone Stud Lasso, I contacted a friend to find out exactly what I should feel whilewearing. He gave me a wonderful description. I was ready to play.

After finding an erotic movie that would get me going, I lubricated myself and then pulled the black cord of the Silicone Stud Lasso completely out of the red vibrating bullet. I wrapped the lasso around my penis and attempted to slide the other in through the hole in the vibrating bullet. Fifteen minutes later, I was still trying to place the black cord of the lasso throughthe hole in the bullet. I decided to re-attach the Silicone Stud Lasso in the same way it came in the package. Ten minutes later, I was unable to get the second end of the cord through the hole. I considered calling Calexotics to tell them of my problems but figured no one would be available to offer sexual 911 services. I had to call my buddy.

He came over to help. I sat patiently as he slid one end of the black cord through the hole in the vibrating bullet and after three minutes of stretching the hole in the vibrating bullet, he was able to get the other end of the cord through the hole. We were at a crossroads. And needed a way to get the Silicone Stud Lasso on and off in a few seconds. After brainstorming we came up with a way. The user should slide the red vibrating bullet down to make the hole in the cord larger, place the penis and balls through the hole and slide the bullet up until snug. This method worked ! It's good to have friends that love sex.

Now that I was comfortably in the Silicone Stud Lasso, I was ready to feel the effects. My buddy turned on the movie and decided to join me in a Jacks session. I became aroused. I pressed the button at the bottom of the bullet to find a speed that gave me a pulse. With the sounds of the movie, a buddy, and sensual pulse on my balls, I was in the zone. It had taken time toget to this stage but was well worth it. The Silicone Stud Lasso was very comfortable. My erection was firmer. I continued to enjoy sensual strokes. Fully erect, my body was at an all time high of attention. This device felt great. Climax was approaching and with all the added visual stimulation, I wasn't going to last long. " What the hell ? " , I mumbled to myself and release a week of pent up frustration. My buddy did the same. We both laughed. Who knew that getting an orgasm would take such andunusual turn ? I slide the vibrating bullet down to open the loop in the black cord. I easily slid out. With three batteries in the toy and three reserve, I knew that I would be using this again.


The Pros

The  10 Function Vibrating Silicone Stud Lasso is very comfortable. The black cord doesn't tug or pull into your skin. Using an application of lubricant allowed me to place my penis in the loop without discomfort. The vibrating bullet is very powerful. Each of the different sensations give a unique pleasure. It is great that a person can choose which function works for them.The studded end of the bullet would be great for clitoral stimulation for heterosexual couples. She would get double the pleasure.  I was extremely happy to see that Calexotics included batteries in the bullet and extra in the package. I have always wondered why anyone would sell a toy and not include them.


The Challenges

I have to be very honest. This toy provided a headache to put on. It took me over twenty minutes to place both ends of the black cord through the hole on the vibrating bullet. But since there were no directions in the package, I didn't know that I would avoid that by not disconnecting the bullet and the cord. Calexotics definitely needs to put instructions in this toy because there will be a number of men that will not have the patience of Job. A simple design adjustment would alleviate this challenge. Make the ends of the black cord smaller in diameter than the rest of the cord. This way it is easy to slide the cord in the hole on the vibrating bullet. When you slide the bullet up to adjust it gets tighter. It's that simple. There is another challenge with this product. It is not made for men with wide penis widths or large balls. I was just large enough to slide in the loop. Men who are well endowed will not be able to enjoy this product because the loop is too small. I would suggest men that are of average to below average penis length and width to purchase this device. You will not have an issue sliding into it when you use the instructions above.


The Decision

I can only recommend this product to men who are of average penis length and lower. You should be able to use this effectively. You will have a very comfortable feel and firm erection. The vibrating bullet will give you hours of enjoyment during masturbation or heterosexual sex. With the ten different functions, you will have plenty of sensations to choose from. Men who are larger should choose Colt Vibrating Cock Ring. It is made with snaps that allow you to put it on in seconds. Calexotics must be commended for adding batteries in this product. The user will have hours of fun. But Instructions must be placed in the package or online. You want people to remember the sensual experience not the time it took to put your product on. Luckily, Calexotics has a wide array of cock rings to choose from.  


10 Function Vibrating Silicone Stud Lasso