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Sex Toys Gay Men Need to Keep Handy


Having the proper tools on hand always makes the job easier and much more efficient. You may have the moves to keep him happy in bed for now, but the object of your desire will appreciate that little extra something when he least expects it. And we’re talking extras that enhance, prolong, entice, and make sex more enjoyable more often.

Store these special extra items in a drawer in the nightstand, the bathroom or a special play box under the bed. Curious to know what these extra items are?


Smooth, slippery goodness awaits you when using lube. It slides, coats and eases the way. Water-based lubricants work well, especially when using condoms. Gun Oil stays slicker longer! Fortified with Aloe Vera, Gun Oil H2O provides extra moisture and is gentle on your skin. He'll feel the difference.


Anal Douche

If you are exploring in the deep end, you need to make sure that the tunnel is clear. Using an anal douche is an easy and simple method to reduce accidents. The StreemMaster Mini Douche is compact, hygenic and easy to fill. Having a douche for your partner is a great way to show concern for thier comfort.



Condoms are a must for anyone engaging in sexual activity. There are a plethora of choices in colors, enhancements, scents, and even flavors. Not only are condoms a sexual enhancer, they also protect against STDs. A good choice for those who value the importance of sensation, they the Trojan Supra Non Latex Condom lets you feel everything. These ultra-thin condoms come in a few varieties for your plasuure.  


Anal Relaxer

Ensure that your parnter enjoys his sexual adventure. Using an anal relaxer will make penetration easier. RELAX is a premium and unique anal comfort spray formulated to desensitize sensitive areas. Great for marathon sessions when you want to go all night long.



This is a very practical addition for your bedroom antics. Something soft and fluffy will aid in any kind of cleanup needed after the deed. Hot and sweaty sex calls for a little towel action to wipe away beads of sweat, or any other liquids left behind after a wild sexual romp.


Moist Wipes

Moist towelettes or wipes are extremely handy to have as they aid in a quick cleanup, and a quick cleanup means a quick return to the action. Both you and your man can benefit from a little freshening up between bouts of hot, sweaty sex. With all that lube, the condoms and natural lubrication, a little wipe goes a long way for a speedy return to the action. Look for the ones with natural moisturizers already added and make sure they are lightly scented or unscented, and are flushable.


Covered Trash Can

The covered trash can is an obvious need, especially for the bedroom. This is where you toss the condom wrappers, used condoms, tissues, wipes, and any other waste you’d rather keep out of sight. It also cuts down on any errant odors.


Prepare For Anything

Keeping these practical products close at hand will no doubt help you in your sexual endeavors. Items like condoms, lube and anal relaxers can be kept in the nightstand next to the bed. Towels and moist wipes should also be kept in the bathroom. Now go play.