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Sex Tips for Men with Small Dicks



Have you ever been watching porn, and thought, “Wow - that brother has a Big Dick ! ” Then you saw how his partner was moaning in orgasmic ecstasy, and you thought, “Wow - I wish I had a twelve inch pipe !” I think we’ve all been there, myself included. Brothers with small cocks can have a lot of insecurities about their size.  Here are three ways that you can make him cum harder, even if you’re not hung like


Learn How To Him On With Dominance 

Men tend to think that a bigger penis just feels better for anal sex. You may have heard stories about men getting anal orgasms due to a larger dick 'hitting the right spot', and this is why men prefer them.


In reality, this is not entirely true. For many a larger penis is actually physically LESS pleasurable. It is just psychologically attractive and exciting to be with a guy with a big penis. You can see this from men's preferences in sex toys. The vast majority of all dildos and pleasure wands sold to men are the size of an average male. That’s because this is the size that is physically ideal to make men reach orgasm. And that’s also why the 12” monster dongs are relegated to the joke aisle – very few men could actually find something that size physically pleasurable.


That said, there is an appeal to a guy with a bigger penis; he seems more dominant, and that sexually exciting. And while it might not be ideal physically, psychologically this turns his partner on. If you can learn sexual skills to be dominate, this will turn him on MANY TIMES more than even the largest penis could.


Talking Dirty  

Say things that spice up the act. Tell them how you like it and use bass in your voice.


Manhandle Him

Doing a few things to playfully 'manhandle' him during foreplay, such as spanking or lightly biting his neck.


Taking the lead

Don’t ask for permission. Simply go for what you want and it will increase the passion 10 fold.


Stimulate the P-Spot

P-Spot stimulation makes sex incredible. The prostate provides mind blowing orgasms when stimulated with a finger or toy. There are also positions that work to stimulate the p spot such as the doggy style, correctional officer and Stand in Shower.


Develop Sexual Confidence 

This is actually the MOST important thing for you to do if you have a small penis. Although learning dominance skills and P-spot stimulation are definitely important, it is many times more important that you love your body and truly believe that you’re sexually attractive. If you don’t think that you have what it takes to please him - it will show, and your lack of confidence will be a turn-off.


It’s a vicious cycle; you don’t think your penis is big enough to please him, so you have low sexual confidence. Due to your lack of confidence, you don’t perform well, reconfirming the belief in your mind that you’re not big enough ... making it all the less likely!


The Small Thing That Matters

If you’re anything like me, being on the smaller side of the ruler is something you’ve been worrying about for quite a while, so it may take a little bit of time and effort to de-activate all of the negative associations you’ve accumulated over the years. However, once you get the ball rolling, its only going to pick up speed from there ... so just start with these three first steps and you should start noticing improvement in your partner’s pleasure, as well as your own, in no time!