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 Sex Supplements 101


It seems that everyone and thier father has a product promising to add inches to your dick and give you the best sex of your life. The claims of many of these companies are rarely backed up by science but that hasn't stopped them from invading your privacy with pop ups and advertisements telling you how your life will be so much better with thier product. In this article, you will learn exactly what works and why.


Orgasm Intensifiers  

 Orgasm intensifiers are proprietary blends of herbal ingredients that add power, volume and intensity to every ejaculation. They are known to boost the body systems that contribute to male orgasm. They improve blood flow to the genitals and testosterone production. Simply put, more “cum” gives you more pleasure with each “spurt” you feel during a climax. These products are made from herbal supplements that have been studied to affect the sexual response.


Male Enlargement  

  Male enhancement pills work to improve blood flow to the penis. The leading brands also include natural herbs known to enhance sexual arousal and stamina. Researched herbs include Yohimbe and  Damiana. Arignine is an amino acid that increases blood flow. Used by body builders for years, this amino can help make your erections fuller and firmer.  

How to Pick the Right Product


Trust Brands You Know

I suggest using products that are endorsed by reputable companies. Companies that have spent millions of dollars on building brands in the adult novelty industry will not risk the safety of thier customers with products that do not deliver. Always choose products from brands that you know. Therefore if it doesn't work as well, you can contact the manufacturer to have the issue resolved.

Check the Label  

Always check the label of any products to ensure that they are USP compliant and are certified to be made by labaroties that you do not put lower quality herbals in the formulations. If there are ingredients that you are not familiar with, google the item in question or ask your local pharmacist for any contraindications.


Don't Buy into the Hype

If a product is promising to give you 3 inches of Dick in a pill, delete the message. No product can do that. The only way you can grow dick is to have a surgical procedure that is extremely risky. Reputable products don't over hype thier product or engage in negative promotional practices such as pop ups or pop unders. If a products sounds too good, then it's not good. My mother have always told me that if you haven't heard of it from a traditional source then it's not worth your time. I personally ensure that every product that is on the site works and does not contain lower level herbals. Your health is extremely important and I do not promote products that I have not tried myself. You will never have brands that are questionable. Never !