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Sex Lube 101 : Getting the Lube Where You Want It !



Lube has always been a constant fixture of sex for gay men. We don't think about it much besides reaching for it when the time comes to engage.  I would like to bring you up to date on some exciting breakthroughs that will give you unexpected pleasure in the bedroom.  Lube Delivery Systems refer to the new ways in which sex lube can be inserted into the anus or vagina for sex. These systems were designed out of the need for easier access, comfort and a better way to enjoy the product. The following are the most recent developments.


Inserts are small tubes filled with sex lubricant. These products have a bulb and applicator. To use an insert, simply break the seal and insert the tube into the anus. Squeeze the bulb to release the lubricant. Inserts are great for anal sex because they get the lube deeper into the anus allowing you to feel wet at all times.  


Shooters are plastic syringes that are used to insert the lubricant in to the anus. Shooters are re-usable and come in a variety of colors. These products allow you to determine how much lubricant is used and lube of your choice. Shooters work best with larger bottles of sex lube. To use, simply place the shooter into the lubricant and pull the syringe. Insert the syringe in the anus.  

What's Best for You

Inserts and Shooters are both great products to have. It is my experience that inserts are great for travel. They are easy to store and can be hidden anywhere. The beauty of an insert is that you always have what you need when you need it. Shooters are great for longer sex  sessions in the privacy of your home. For those that enjoy sex, a shooter is great to keep next to your favorite sex lube.  

Knowing your sexual tastes will allow you to be prepared when choosing a lubricant.

Regardless of type, these products are a must have for anyone that desires better anal sex.

Dickz Pickz

The Lube Shooter Sex Lube Applicator