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How to Hookup in an Adult Bookstore


 Hooking up in a Bookstore is a rush for many men and couples. There is a certain thrill to going out to see a movie and scoring some intense sex with little conversation. Bookstore sex is the one night stand taken up a notch. It's risky, intense and pleasurable. Whether you are going to your local DVD store to see who's there or out to get some action, following these steps will allow you to do it safely without bringing anything back home.


Find the Right Location

All adult bookstores are not created equal. And for your conquest you need the type where men can go and get their rocks off: Private Viewing and Theaters. Private viewing bookstores have booths. Depending on your location there may be a buddy button that allows you clear the screen between you so that you can enjoy mutual masturbation with the person next to you or gloryholes where you can slide your penis through to receive that oral surprise. Theaters are made for the voyeur. The better theaters have seats, dark alcoves and refreshments.

The best place to find these types of bookstores is Squirt.org. They list all hookup spots all over the world with reviews from patrons.


Appearance is Everything

Hooking up in a bookstore is not that hard. First there has to be people when you go that you are attracted to. Nights and weekends are always best. But the missing factor is presentation. What you wear to a bookstore and how you present yourself will determine if you get any action. Keep it simple. Always dress in casual clothes that are clean and fit well. If you are going to a store in the urban section of town, I would suggest getting street wear. My experience has shown that wrinkled and dirty clothing don't get action. And while I am on appearance. Always make sure you are clean shaven and well groomed. If someone can smell your funk when you pass by, then you won't get chosen.


The Approach

Once you find someone that you are interested in make it known. A simple hello or head gesture will do. Never follow someone around in hope that you will eventually wear them down into a tryst. Walk around and be confident.

Everyone in the store isn't looking for sex. And in many cities, there are laws on the books that get you into deep trouble if your advances are reported by someone that is freaked out. There is always someone out there that would love to get with  you. If the person isn't interested, keep it moving.

Should your hello meet with a conversation or invitation to watch a movie you hit pay dirt. Make sure you are both looking for mutual pleasure. Nothing is worse for two people to want the same thing and not being about to compromise. That rarely happens but it is worth saying.


Getting Busy

Preparation is the key to a great hookup. There are four things you need on a bookstore hookup: Mints, Condoms, Lubricant and Wipes. Make sure to bring at least 3 condoms with you. Condoms allows you to feel everything while providing protection from any juices. Should you want to have extra protection, take flavored condoms for oral sex. But don't be shocked if the person doesn't want a wrapped up blow job.  

Portable lubricants are perfect for hooking up in bookstores. They are small, discreet and provide great silkiness when having sex. Whether you are looking to masturbate or fuck, a small bottle of JUS Premium Pure Water Lubricant by Dick Ross will do the trick. It never gets sticky while providing a consistent glide with every stroke.

Clean Up

Removing traces of the fun is the final part of your fantasy. Be sure to have some Wet Ones or baby wipes in your pocket to clean up any spills that you have made. Always hand one to your guest and pop a mint when you are done. Just because you sucked dick doesn't mean others want to smell it. These tips will make your bookstore adventure a safer one. Be sure to get your hands on the recommended items. Preparation before Pleasure.  


Dickz Pickz

JUS Premium Pure Water Lubricant by Dick Ross