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Senso Pocket Gal Masturbator



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Ease of Use






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It's Just Like a Glove For Your Cock

This masturbator is made from a life like super stretchy material that feels like real skin - minus the gal. Siimply lube up and slide in for a soft sensual sexual experience - one that you can put in your pocket ! Lubrication included.


What People Are Saying

" This is definitely the sleeve to beat all others. Use with a lube such as astroglide and I defy you to last more than a few minutes with this amazing sleeve. I can usually last long enough with a woman for her to cum at least once but with the Pocket gal it was like I was 15 all over again. Makes nice smacking sounds as you stroke which I found a big turn-on. Also watch yourself cum because if you allow yourself to build up enough youll shoot farther than you thought possible. Easy to clean and store."   

" I love this product. It is the best toy I have ever gotten. When you are missing the real thing this is the next best thing. You do have to use a water based lube if you want it to last. If you use products like astroglide or any other petroleum based lube it starts to loosen up, but so does the real thing right! "

" This was the first toy Ive ever used. I was amazed how great it felt! The Senso material has a wonderful life like feel when wet or lubed. However the durability of the material starts to loosen inside, makeing this product less tight with each use. Aside from the real thing, it has the best first use feel! I payed $25 for this at an adult shop, it was worth every penny. "


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