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Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pussy Review

The Promise

Masturbation has to be a mans favorite activity. It has been estimated by researchers that most men masturbate a few times per week. I know there is truth to this statement because I do it almost daily. It feels so good in the act and I love the relaxation sensation after. With the goal of enhancing this experience, the Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pussy was created to provide men with a realistic experience. It is molded after the body of the adult mega star Sasha Grey who has crossed over into mainstream success. Interested to know if the toy would live up to the hype, I ordered it online to truly get a hands on experience.


The Product

The Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pussy measures 5.20 inches long and has a width of 2.30 inches while the cirumfrence is 7.20 flexible inches. It has one single entry point. The bottom of the toy is made of thinner material that simulates hitting the back wall insde a woman.  The toy is a flesh colored beige and has relastic pink labia that are molded from the body of Sasha Grey. It does feel weighty in your hand . The outside of the toy is score with lines for better grip control. It is soft in texture.


How it Works

To enjoy the masturbation sensation created by this toy, insert JUS Premium Lubricant  into the toy after cleansing. Be sure to use a generous supply of lube on your penis. This will ensure that once you slide in, you will not feel any friction. Hold the masturbator in your dominant hand and stroke back and forward. You can squeeze the toy for an added sensation during the process. After orgasm, spray a few drops of toy cleaner and rinse. Be sure to let it sit in the sink for a few minutes to make sure you remove all fluids.

My Experience

After looking at the toy and its inviting lips, I knew this was going to be something special. I prepared for a date , my date with Sasha. I searched online for a hot video of her, turned off the lights, lighted some incense that I bought from the man on the corner and took a relaxing bath. I know that was extra. My mother told me the same damn thing but I know that I wouldn't probably meet her so this was going to be our special time.

Once in the mood, I turned on the flick and placed lubricant into the toy with a lube shooter since the Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pussy has a closed end. I made sure to apply more JUS Premium Lubricant to myself. Ready for action, I slid into this toy and was taken on a sensual ride.

I stroked slowly at first to savor easy inner ribbing offered by the toy. I really could feel them. I kept my pace shallow to stay inline with the movie that I was watching. But I could feel an orgasm coming on. ' The hell with it ' , I said to myself as I pushed deeper into her warm pleasure center and shot my load. I kid you not, I shook like someone possessed. My leg quaked , speech slurred and balls retracted. It was one damn good orgasm ! I stayed right on the bed and fell asleep. Sasha wore me out. If she was like this in person, I know that I would have been kicked off the set for screaming louder than her. Once I woke up, I soaked my toy and chuckled to myself. This is a damn good sex toy.



The Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pussy feels amazing. The inner texture is easy to feel. I do enjoy the fact that it has the cream pie effect because I do enjoy that hitting the wall sensation. I was amazed at how quickly I reached orgasm with the toy. I thought I would last a long time but was going crazy within a few minutes. I found that using a tingling lubricant increased my pleasure. And I was pleasantly suprised to find that the toy didn't slip out of my hand while using. The grooves in the grip were spaced close enough and deep enough to provide control.



I know it may be cliche to say that a product doesn't have many cons but I am speaking honestly. The pink on the lips of the toy rubbed off before I ever had a chance to use it. It could be a defect of the design but I would have liked to see the pink in the lips. This product didn't come with any instructions on use. It had a few notes on keeping the toy clean but a newbie would have to wing it. Even if a product is self explanatory, it should always contain instructions. I could have used a small sample of renewing powder in the package. A person doesn't know what they need to maintain a product.



This toy is highly recomended. It is one of the few toys that I look forward to using on a regular basis. It feels like the real thing and provides an amazing orgasm that is better than some of my sexual experiences. I love the compact design that is adjusts to fit a larger man but at the same time gives men not well endowed confidence due to its iron grip. Doc Johnson hit it out of the ball park with this toy. The price point allows men to have a leg shaking orgasm without breaking the bank. The only you have to worry about is breaking the sound barrier


Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pussy