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4 Reasons to Use Sex Lube


Makes Sex Easier

 A dry anus can make sex painful and uncomfortable and not as exciting for the top.  Lube not only solves this problem, but makes it better for both parties by creating a slick , sensual glide.  


 Increases Pleasure

A lot of lubes arenít purely just for lubrication anymore, although that is their main function.  Many lubes also increase sensation by creating a tingling or warm sensation.This can provide another degree of pleasure that you may not have experienced. Wet Synergy offers these amazing benefits while being safe for use with condoms.   


Makes Oral Taste Better

Lubes now come in fun flavors like banana, pineapple and chocolate.  If you have grown tired of tasting the same old dick, then a flavored lube can make the experience delicous. System JO Strawberry Kiss has a lip smacking, mouth watering flavor that will make you come  back for more.


Supports Safe Sex

As previously mentioned, men do not produce natural lubrication. Having sex without lube can cause friction that can lead to a condom breaking. Using a premium lubricant will allow you to get more miles out of your condom while enjoying safer sex.


Add Some Spice

 Sex lube can add variety, spice, pleasure and flavor into your sex life! Make trying new lubes a fun game with your partner by trying different types of lube and picking your favorites together. JUS lube by Dick Ross water based lubricant feels silky , softens your skin and doesn't dry out. Its a top customer pick. Honey Lube feels just like natural lubrication making play with sex toys feel like the real thing. Whatever you choose, be sure to sample a variety of products to find what works best.



JUS Premium Lubricant by Dick Ross