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The penis pump is a tool, that can temporarily extend your manhood and increase flow to the penis. The powerful pump creates a mild vacuum arround the penis, temporarily increasing the length and girth. Totally safe when used as directed. Penis Pumps contain a quick release valve for easy removal. Pumps can also be used to address erectile dysfunction. The instant erections of youth become the slower-rising erections of life after 40. Penis pumps allow men to play their way into full arousal, rather than fretting about it.


What are Penis Pumps ?

A penis pump is a cylinder that is fitted over the penis, with a manual or motorized pump to create suction. As the apparatus creates a partial vacuum around the penis, blood is drawn into the penis, helping it to become larger. Penis Pumps are used for men with erectile disfunction. Be sure to read the instrctions carefully in order to maximize pleasure. It is wise to begin with two minute sessions to gauge effectiveness.