Phone Sex Tips for Men                                     


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Phone Bone Basics : The Art of Aural Sex  



Masturbation while talking to someone on the phone is known as phone sex. Many of us get their first taste of it when at a distance from a partner. Or having a conversation that takes an erotic twist. Phone sex is an awesome form of ‘safe’ sex, as there is no physical risk at all, except for what you do to yourself. It's best with a known partner. Some people find phone sex easier than actual sex. One reason for this might be that, for folks who are a little sensitive or self conscious, it allows them to avoid embarrassment. Others like the fantasy or Role Playing aspect, where they can imagine the erotic details themselves and set up the perfect sexual fantasy. No matter what the reason, there is much you can do when your partner is unseen.


Get Ready to Rock

One big question for many people is "How do I bring it up with my partner?" - especially when they are unsure of whether their partner would be interested. To start with, it should be mentioned as casually as possible during a time when you are not in the heat of the moment.  

What are you both comfortable with, and what is a little ‘out there’ for you. Discuss it before hand, and get a little idea of what each of you might like or dislike. Knowing this can make all the difference in the quality of your phone encounters.


Relaxed and Ready  

What is ‘good’ phone sex? Most men enjoy the sound of a partner getting off, making moaning and other sounds of pleasure. Some enjoy the satisfaction of getting thier partner off. It's the ultimate mental satisfaction. But again, it really is a personal choice.


Tools of the Trade  

Good phone sex requires a few ingredients to ensure a great time. Make sure you have no distractions. Turn off all phones in the area. Slow jams and erotic music can set the mood for intense play.  You may be tempted to stroke bare hand but lubricant will make it feel just like having your partner there. Since you won't be having penetration, a silicone or oil based lubricant will offer satisfaction and a very silky feel for your session. Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream is a lubricant that is specially made for masturbation. A little dab will do the trick.


Start Talkin Dirty

Icebreakers are a big key. Once you get the ball rolling, the rest tends to follow pretty naturally. You might start by gently describing what you want to do to partner. "You know what’s really nice? When a man..." You fill in the blanks with what sounds good to you. Just think of how you can make a gentle sexy comment to test the waters and let things go from there. Always pause after making a statement in order to allow your partner to get a visual and stimulate themselves. Then go back and forth while the excitement builds up. Be sure to let you partner know when you are ready to explode in order to have a shared experience. It can be hot.


Taking it to the Next Level

If you are a man that really needs to feel a mouth, pussy or anus, I would suggest using a toy to enhance your experience. Masturbators cost as little as $10 and are made from real skin material that will allow you to have all the sensations of being with the person of your choosing. It's a real turn on. Now if you don't want to carry a toy around, I would suggest the Tenga Flip Hole . It is a disposable masturbator that has redefined this erotic practice. It's sleek, discreet and provides an amazing experience.

Overall, phone sex can be a great addition to your sexual repertoire, with lots of positives and very few negatives compared to some other types of alternative sex. If you haven’t done so already, give it a try!