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Mood Pleaser Thick Ribs Masturbator Review

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All men love to jack. I believe it is one of our favorite activities. What other sexual activity is done more ? Sexologists estimate that men masturbate a few times every week. I am the exception to the rule. It's a daily pleasure that makes life that bit sweeter. Unfortunately, stroking it the same way can cause the act to loose it's flavor. I have masturbation toys but sometimes you want an inner texture that is made to create a different feeling while being easy on the pocket. Doc Johnson saw the need for variety in masturbation and created the Mood Pleaser Line. This ultra-unique toy promises to add extra pleasure during playtime.  Looking for a new sensation for my stroke, I was thrilled to recieve the Thick Ribs toy to see if it could offer variety. I had no idea it would feel like this.


The Product

The Mood Pleaser Thick Ribs measures  4.6 inches long and has a width of 2 inches. It has a wide entry point. The bottom is smaller with an open end. The toy is purple, very light in your hand , soft to the touch and easy to squeeze.


How it Works

To enjoy the Mood Pleaser Thick Ribs masturbator, insert lubricant into the toy after cleansing. Use a generous supply of lube on your penis. This will ensure that once you slide in, you will not feel any friction. Hold the masturbator in your dominant hand and stroke back and forward. You can squeeze the toy for an added sensation during the process. After orgasm, spray a few drops of toy cleaner and rinse.


My Experience

I had seen the press release for this toy and was excited. The Mood Pleaser was a toy that gave a variety of textures like the Fleshlight but at a price that was pocket pleasing. I didn't want to compare it to anything but when I opened the box, I began to marvel at how attract this little toy was. It was very appealing. But sex toys were not made to be admired, they are for using. So If this toy lived up to the design, I would be in for a great experience.

I decided to wait until late night when everything would be quiet. I lit a few aromatherapy candles to set the mood. Knowing that I have not lasted long in the past when using masturbation toys, I picked a video scene that would last a few minutes so I could time my orgasm with the couple I was watching. I put a generous amount of the Mood Pleaser Brand Water Based lubricant on my penis and made sure to lubricate the toy. The toy felt silky to the touch.  Ready to handle my business, I put another dab of lubrican on myself.

I easily slid into the toy. The toy was very soft like a warm mouth taking you in for the first time. It was an unexpected sensation. I pulled the toy over my penis and began to stroke. The heat from my body began to warm up the toy. This was starting to feel good. I kept my focus on the video as the Mood Pleaser did a job on me. After ten minutes, I was still jacking. This was a first. I almost never last that long. I continued to enjoy the pleasure this toy was giving me while closing my eyes to get the full experience.

My orgasm began to build. With every pump I felt my maximum approaching. This was what I needed. Wanting an intense orgasm, I tightened my grip and increased the speed. I continued to enjoy the subtle sensation with eery stroke. Five minutes later I was screaming in ectasy with sweat dripping.  I shook and convulsed. This toy had given me something I hadn't experienced in a very long time: delayed orgasm. I laid back on the bed to reflect on the experience. I had a session of stroking that gave me more time to enjoy every nuance. This is was what my friends at the Jacks Party talked about.



The Mood Pleaser Thick Ribs feels good. It has a subtle glide that provides pleasure from the base to the tip.  The inner texture reminds me of recieving a sensual blow job. The toy is very soft and stretchy creating a life like feel. If you love a wet mouth then this toy does offer that sensation. This was the first toy that I used that didn't get me off as quick as other brands. This was a definite plus because I could enjoy more of the movie I was watching and have time to focus on the unique sensation that I was getting. I used the water based lubricant provided with the toy. It gave me the ideal wetness to enjoy this toy to completion.  And I was pleasantly suprised to find that the toy didn't slip out of my hand while using. The grooves in the grip are made apart of the design giving you control while stroking.



The Mood Pleaser is a smaller than the popular toys in the category. For men that are looking for the tradtional 5.5 inch device, this device could be categorized in the masturation sleeve category. I also think that the toy could be made a little tighter at the bottom end. It was easy for me to slide into this toy and right through to the end. But I didn't feel a tight grip.To achive this, I squeezed my shaft while masturbating. Thankfully the toy is designed ergonomically.  The grid on the product box was a bit confusing to understand because it didn't contain a key that explained what you were looking at. FYI, the dots on the back of the box correspond to what features are included in the toy.



I do reccomend this toy for men who love to stroke. This is the perfect toy for those that are long winded and need a stroke that feels like a warm wet mouth. Not too intense, not too loose. The Mood Pleaser will deliver just enough sensation to keep you stimulated until you are ready to reach your climax.  The toy has a compact design with an ergonomic grip that stays in place during use. While it may not be as tight as other products on the market, The Mood Pleaser would bring hours of pleasure to men who are larger than average. This toy won't have your leg shaking after two minutes but does provide continuous pleasure on those nights when you want to enjoy masturbation to its fullest. Perfect for men who are new to masturbation sleeves and those that want an affordable discreet sleeve that could be taken on vacation. Doc Johnson got the mood correct.


Mood Pleaser Thick Ribs Pocket Pal