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Max Load Orgasm Intensifier - 60 Count


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The Mother Load

Reach your maximum [ orgasm] with minimal effort. Max Load is one of the most potent orgasm intensifiers  on the market. Making sex more intense and allowing you to have more fulfilling orgasms.  Max Load will dramatically increases ejaculate while intensifying orgasmic contractions leading to more intense pleasure. Who wouldn't want that? Imagine having an ejaculation that shakes you to the core. Then having the stamina to come back and do it again. For those that really want the effects of a blue pill without the prescription, Max Load delivers. Comes in 60 tablet bottle.


" This is a cool pill. It does exactly what the bottle says it's gonna do and that makes your orgasms better.

I've told a lot of buddies about it and they tried it, too. They all agreed. "


" At first i didnt expect it to work but it truly did the job! Two pills twice a day and on the first day my girlfriend and i saw a big difference.

As I keep taking it the more it improves...I think its well worth it. "


What are Orgasm Intensifiers ?

Orgasm intensifiers are proprietary blends of proven herbal ingredients that add power, volume and intensity to every ejaculation. are known to boost the body systems that contribute to male orgasm. They improve blood flow to the genitals and promote prostate health and testosterone production. Simply put, more “cum” gives you more pleasure with each “spurt” you feel during a climax.