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Masturbation Toys vs Your Hand : Which One is Better ?

Austin Wilde, Porn Star & FleshJack Model


Masturbation is a man's favorite activity. It doesn't require any special equipment besides a hand. We all have our personal styles of stroking. With the rise in masturbation toys, men are experiencing new sensations through them. With over 4 million toys sold in the last 5 years, there is a chance that your neighbor is using one. But which is better – your hand or sex toy ?


Pros Of Manual


It's Readily Available

Your hands are attached to you, so if you want to masturbate in the bathroom on a plane or even in your car while stuck in traffic, you can without having to bring any extra tools with you.


Easy To Clean

All it takes to get your hands clean before and after jacking is to wash them. If you are pulling one out during a bathroom break, you can wash your hands as you come out.  If you’re not in a place where washing your hands is an option, hand sanitizer will do in a pinch.


You Know What Works

You have used your hands hundreds of times to reach an orgasm. This has given you an inate ability to provide pleasure in the exact way that gives you the sensation you desire. There is no guess work. Simply using your preffered technique will have your legs shaking.


Pros of Masturbation Toys


They Feel Like the Real Thing

The majority of masturbation toys are made from materials that are life like. You can close your eyes and have a partner experience. Whether you love oral , vaginal or anal, there are toys that are shaped just like your favorite orifice that supports your fantasy. And with the latest advances in design, its only going to get better.  


More than One Sensation

Masturbation toys provide a variety of sensations for heightened pleasure. While the material feels like real flesh, you can find toys that have inner textures that will massage you in new ways. This combination of soft flesh and ribbings can increase the intensity of your orgasm.


Variety is the Spice of Life

There are many types of masturbation toys to choose from. You can enjoy a sensual sleeve that is textured , soft and stretchy.  There are pocket pals like the Colt Gear Man Butt provides an ultra realistic anal experience in the palm of your hand. Then there are encassed masturbators like the award winning Austin Wilde Fleshjack which provide the ultimate oral sensation with it's deep canal. The choice is yours. And best of all, masturbation toys provide enormous pleasure on any budget.


Which One is Better ?

If you are looking for a quick release or are in an environment where discretion is required, your hand is the best man for the job. You can start stroking and find relief mometarily. A man that is tired of the same old stroke should choose a masturbation toy. It will bring a new dynamic to your sexual experience. Simply apply a generous amount of JUS Lube by Dick Ross and jack to your hearts content. Masturbation is a man's favorite activity. And now you have options to make it better.


JUS Premium Lubricant by Dick Ross

Colt Gear Man Butt Masturbator

Austin Wilde FleshJack Swallow