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Masturbation Tips and Tricks



Taking care of business by masturbation is a regular ritual we men partake of on a daily basis. Honestly, it can get boring after a while. Doing the same stroke to the same video. But there have been some new techniques and devices designed to spice things up.  Letís delve into some more "advanced" masturbation techniques that will make the experience more intense while taking the edge off when you can't get some play.


 Tools of the Trade

A good session of masturbating is made by the Lubricant that you are using. There are several types of lubricant on the market : Water Based, Silicone, Hybrid and Oil. For masturbation, it is best to choose a high end water based lubricant that is not sticky and won't stain your sheets. Self-Pleasure is about feeling everything. Unfortunately, thicker lubricants that work well for intercourse fail for masturbation. There are lubricants now on the market specifically for masturbation. Boy Butter Brand is a cream based lubricant that feels great to the touch and will allow you to stroke to completion.


Pelvic Thrust with Wrist

This masturbation technique utilizes the wrist and hand simultaneously.

Lubricate your hand and your wrist. With your fingers facing away from you, grip your penis from the front. Kneel on a bed or the floor and thrust into your hand and while stroking in a circular motion. Your hand will mimic the motion used when screwing with a wrench.


Deep scrotum massage

The testicles are often left out while masturbating, but this masturbation technique gives you the tools to maximize this sensitive and sensual zone. 

Lubricate your penis and scrotum. With one hand grasping your penis, use the other hand stroke your scrotum.  Allow your thumb and forefinger to slide down gently massaging. Pull the entire sac, massage , tickle while stroking.  



Squeeze a bit more fun out of your manhood with this stellar masturbation technique.

Lubricate your penis. Using both hands, one at the bottom and one at the top of the penis, gently wring in opposite directions. Use the motion from bottom to top as if you were wringing out a cloth -- squeeze the semen out, not in.



Why did the cow wear a bell around her neck? Because her horn didn't work. Fortunately, yours does!  

Lubricate your penis. Sitting in a relaxed position, using both hands one at a time, squeeze and pull up the length of your penis and over the top. If you've got extra skin you can also pull the extra skin up and over the head of the penis when you pull up. Repeat as necessary, and as slowly or quickly as you like.


Masturbators : There's a Toy for That

You may have not given it any consideration but masturbators are toys that are made specifically for stroking. They are made with material that feels like real skin while being ribbed on the inside for extra pleasure. They come in all shapes , sizes and sensations. If you choose to use a masturbator, be sure to keep it clean because it will pay dividends for long term usage. The Super Sucker by Doc Johnson is a great Masturbator for first time users. It feels like getting oral sex because it has a sucking action designed right into the toy. Simply lubricate the toy , slide it on and stroke to completion.


Making hot love to yourself is a wonderful experience, and new masturbation techniques should always be experimented with -- who knows, you may be missing out on some serious pleasure. Practice new techniques with a new lube or a toy. Practice makes pleasure.


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