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Male Tips to Prolong Sex


 Many men are interested in learning sex tips for lasting longer in bed. What most people don't know is that most men only last, on average, five to ten minutes during the actual performance of sexual intercourse. Most of the time spent making love is the passionate buildup and act of foreplay.

    Masturbate longer

One important sex tip for lasting longer in bed is to learn how to masturbate longer prior to sexual intercourse. Practice prior to having sex with your partner. Bring the orgasm on and stop right before ejaculation to train your body to hold off longer. Masturbation sex toys are great for building stamina by allowing you to become adjusted to the sensations which will alow you to enjoy the feeling without ejaculating. The Super Sucker Masturbator is designed to help you last longer during penetration with inner texture that feels like the real thing. It feels great.

   Squeeze the Rod

Whether becoming overheated or feeling the orgasm coming on, men can gently squeeze the penis right below the head. This soft motion can stall a premature ejaculation. This is one of the least known sex tips for lasting longer while having intercourse.


   Recognize the Feeling

Prior to ejaculating, the man must know the sensation. Once this feeling is recognized, the man can control his rhythm and keep the orgasm at bay. Learning how to prolong his ejaculation is one way a man can prolong sexual relations.


 Remain Shallow

When a man's penis enters his partner, he needs to try and stay shallow versus thrusting deep inside. This is also beneficial for the partner since the most sensitive nerve endings are near the entry points of the anus or vagina . 


 Be Second

When learning new sex tips for lasting longer in bed, men need to let the partner go first. Let them have an orgasm, then the pressure is off to try and please. You can take you time and concentrate on release and pleasure.


Supplement Your Diet

The suggestions above do work to help prolong sex but If you don't feel like trying a new technique and rather pop a pill, its best to go natural. Contrary to the naysayers, there are great supplements on the market that are effective at allowing you to have more intense sex and longer sex. Xplozion Pills , for example , is a all natural alternative to Cialis that helps you to have longer sex. Always check with a physician to ensure you are not allegeric to any herbals.