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Make Your Place Sex Ready


Your apartment is your lair, command center and adult playground at the same time. Your pad has to work for you when it comes to getting some.  Even if a guy is feeling you , there are still things around your home that can seriously turn him off or send him packing before you have a chance to show yours. Take these suggestions to heart when you want to host a hookup , night cap or a romanitc interlude with your shorty.


Keep the Common Areas Clean

Contrary to popular belief, men do care what your place looks like. And it's not about having alot of things that gives him a good impression. You score points by having a place that looks like you care. This may be your first place but it doesn't have to be a pig pen. Take the time to vaccum , have a living room that is neat and smelling fresh. You want this guy to stay around. Not walk in and have an emergency meeting come up ten minutes after entering.


Clean your Bathroom

The Bathroom is the most important room of your crib. It sees more ass than a proctologist and is used at least three times a day. What most men won't tell you : A bathroom is an indicator of how clean you are as a person. Your bathroom has got to be kept reasonably clean. If your bathroom is filthy and funky, you can almost kiss a nightcap good bye. It doesn't take long to clean the bowl, scrub the shower and sink. Keep at least two big, clean towels in the bathroom and baby wipes. Stock the bathroom with extra essentials like hand soap, a new unopened toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash. A simple travel kit will do.


Have a Large Bed

I admit that when I was getting my life started I could only afford a twin bed. I was honest with guys before they ever came to my crib. I had some amazing sex and even broke it a couple of times. As an adult, a queen-sized mattress is perfect for two average-sized adults.If you are a sexy bear, go for a King. It cost more money but the extra space will pay dividends in your dating future.  


Keep your linen clean

Men will notice your sheets and pillowcases, so make sure they are sharp-looking, and more importantly, clean. I abide by the southern rule. Have two comforter sets. One for decoration and another to sleep one. The decorative set is used for appearance. People are pleasantly suprised. The utilitarian set is nice but only comes on the bed when its time to nap and get busy.  Ensure that your sheets are stain-free and smell like fabric softener.


Set Up Some Entertainment

Sometimes you need a reason to get them in the bedroom. So its a good suggestion to have some type of entertainment in view of the bed. This way, once he's lying down, there's yet another reason for him to stay there longer. And showing a movie after sex might just buy you time to go for a second round. This is a great reason to have a Netflix subscription or be close to a RedBox. For just such a situation, invest in a collection of movies most men will enjoy: Action , Drama or Comedy.


Put Him in the Mood

There is a reason Luther Van Dross and Anita Baker's work have been called ' Baby Making Music '. It's hard not to tear your partner up when you hear Caught Up in the Rapture of Love. Be sure to keep a CD or two of some slow jams or atmospheric music near your stereo to be unleashed at the right moment. Good choices include R. Kelly's , D'Angelo, Al Green, Zero 7 , Anita Baker and The Isley Brothers. Then again, your music preferences may be completely different. Whatever the case, look for music with a melodic bass line and wispy vocals.


Adjust the lighting

Light can set a mood for some good loving. Candles can also provide the right mood. Ono Red Mandarin Massage Candles melt into a moisturizing massage oil that can be poured to leave your body soft, smooth and lightly scented.Imagine the sensual environment that would be created when lit. They are the perfect addition to the most relaxing evening in.


Be Ready for Action

With all of your preparation for an evening in, you don't want to fall short when it comes to having sex. Keep safety first. Always keep a supply of Trojan Thintensity condoms. Trojan is a trusted brand that sells them in large quantities. You want your sexual lubricant to last longer than you do. Gun Oil Water Based is perfect. Not only does it stay silky, it doesn't stain your sheets and has vitamin E and aloe to soften the skin. Regardless of who's on the bottom, keep an anal douche handy with anal relaxer just in case there is a big suprise when the pants drop. You don't want a great night to end in pain. TitanMen Anal Relax Spray does the trick.  

Bonus: Put baby wipes near your bed. These are much nicer to clean up with than tissues.


Make Your Place Work For You

Taking a love interest to your place is always going to give you the advantage when you make your move. So ensure that once he passes through your doorway, he's stimulated in every room, not just in your bed.