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The Lube Shooter Sex Lube Applicator

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A Lube that Gets Where You Are

Applying lube has always been an easy proposition for the man doing the penetrating. The bottom has always had a issue staying moist and wet since the ass doesn't naturally lubricate itself. Who hasn't had to apply lube more than once during the sexual experience in order to continue the pleasure? Well your days of re-applying are now gone thanks to Lube Shooter.


Get In Deeper than Ever

This applicator gets the sex lube deep inside of your bottom where they need it and keeps them moist all night long. The best-selling Lube Shooter does what no product does!  Each Lube Shooter blister pack contains 3 disposable plastic applicator tips and 1 plunger which are compatible with all types of lube, including hard-to-handle creams and gels. The easy-to-clean design makes the Lube Shooter versatile and practical as the wide array of colors available also lends itself to color-coding for safe and sanitary play. � Applicator measures 5in/12.7cm from base to tip and just 1 inch around. This allows for easy yet gentle insertion for even the most tight anus.  Available in the following colors: � Smoke Grey � Red � Pink � Blue � Purple  


It doesn't get any easier than this

The Lube Shooter is an insane value for under $9. Stock up on a few packs and surprise your mate when you are able to keep them slippery when you need it most. This is a four star product.  l highly suggest adding this to your sexual chest.