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Jack Jelly Masturbation Cream


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  The Slickest Glide for The Quickest Ride. Sometimes a guy just needs to get off fast, clean up and move on. Empowered Products' high-grade, no-frills lubricant, gives a guy a slick glide when he needs a quick, one-handed ride. This formula is designed to enhance sensation and heighten a guy's pleasure while he's jacking off. We've developed Jack Jelly specifically to target the needs of a more price conscious market-offering a high quality product with superior lubrication, yet at a significantly lower price point. Jack Jelly includes medical-grade oils, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Not recommended for use with latex condoms. 


What People Saying

" I've used this product for self pleasure lots of times and never paid this cheap price for it. Not only does it help me last longer it has improved my climax 100%. It smells nice and cleans off easy but the best thing about this product if you take your time and apply the right amount it will improve your masturbation sessions ny 100%.  " - Anthony

" This is a great product! I've used several bottles of this. Very satisfied! " - Jeff