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Jack Grip UR3 Masturbator

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Get a Grip !

Because we all don't stroke alike comes a toy that is perfect for those men that love it tight. The Jack Grip UR3 Masturbator by Doc Johnson is a one of a kind product that combines a sleek look with a pleasurable feel. If you have not purchased anything by Doc Johnson, you will be quickly converted. The overall value of the product makes it a great addition to your growing toy collection for those times you want to spice things up.

Ergonomic Design Inside and Out

The Jack Grip UR3 Mastubator is made for ease and comfort in stroking. The patented UR3 material gives the toy a flesh like feel. This toy is perfect for men that are very tactile. Your hands will not slip off while using it because it's ribbed handle is deep enough to keep you in position. Many masturbators can become slippery with lube but the Jack Grip stays in place for increased pleasure. Doc Johnson takes this toy one step further by adding ribbed waves inside to re-create the sensation of anal sex. As you squeeze harder, the intensity is heightened. Now who wouldn't want increased sensitivity during masturbation ?


Easy Cleanup & Storage

After you’re finished using the Jack Grip , wash it in warm, soapy water and rinse it clean. The Jack Grip's open-ended design lets you hold it up to the faucet to flush the sex toy completely clean. After letting the masturbator dry, store it in a cool, dark place apart from your other adult sex toys. The Jack Grip Personal Masturbator is a great solo sex toy for men. Couples will enjoy the variety to adds to foreplay and making him come like a volcano.


A Pleasurable Pocket Pleasing Price

This toy is made for your wallets. We know that many brothers are aware of their purchases and the Jack Grip makes the cut. It gives you the pleasure for a fraction of the cost of high end toys. The Jack Grip is currently on sale in our store for $15.  The Jack Grip is durable and will last much longer than you will...lol . We give this masturbator our reccomendation.  

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