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Ivory - Girl Next Door Pocket Pal Review


I have always had a fascination with a girl with Ivory skin. There is something alluring that speaks quietly to me.  While thousands run to the salon to tan, a fair skinned woman commands attention. She is secure in who she is, offers a distinctive point of view and a unique fantasy. The cult like following of  Dita Von Teese is the perfect example of the adoration men have with Ivory Skin. I have known a few women in this category over the years. They were friendly, sweet and a pleasure to be around. In essence, these special women were the Girl Next Door. California Exotic Novelties was again inspired to honor this unique beauty with a masturbation toy for men. Having had my world rocked by the Brown model, I didn't know what would come of my date with Ivory. After some time with her, I will never question my expectations.   


The Product 

The Girl Next Door Pocket Pal comes in a box that has an accurate picture of the masturbator and displays the Pure Skin Material logo on the front. The side panel of the box has a picture of the GND giving you a preview of what you will experience. The back of the box gives descriptions of the product in several languages : Ultra Life Like pure skin material,soft - tight - and stretchy, body safe - unscented -phthalate free , easy  cleaning and maintenance free. The customer can rightly assume they will have a hassle free experience. The GND is placed inside a plastic bag. Upon opening the toy, the material is extremely soft to the touch. It has a swirling design in its interior which corresponds to the wave like hand grip on the outside. It does feel like the female body. The pocket pal measures 5.5 inches in length and 2.5 inches in diameter. There is a small hole at the bottom of the toy.


How it Works

To enjoy The Girl Next Door. Rinse the toy with warm water to clean and gently increase the temperature of the pocket pal. Apply your favorite water based lubricant in the opening with the goal of creating a smooth glide throughout the entire toy. Place another application of lubricant on yourself. Be sure to wipe off all excess from your hands. Hold the toy in your dominanthand and enter with your erect penis. Now masturbate as usual. You can increase the sensation by tightening your grip. If you are larger than 5.5 inches in length, your penis will slide through the hole in the bottom of the pocket pal.  Masturbate to completion. Rinse your pocket pal with warm water and place in a dark area. I applied baby powder to the toy to maintain the softness of the material.


My Experience 

I knew that if the Ivory Girl Next Door was anything like the Brown model then I was going to have a great time. When I opened the box, I was happy and excited. This was going to be an experience for the record. I have always had a love for Ivory Skin. It really explains my love of Dita Von Teese. When looking at this toy, she came to mind. So that is what I named her.


After a very hectic week, I decided it was time for me to release the stress. I had a feeling she would make my toes curl. I wanted to get the full effect  so I waited until late night to begin my erotic exploration. I removed the pocket pal from the package. This girl was extremely soft. The life like material had a human quality to it. Closing my eyes and touching it made me think Dita was there with me. The canal was very tight. More so than the brown model but still stretchy enough for me to use. I knew the Girl Next Door was going to deliver something special.


I had already taken a bath. I wanted this experience to feel different so I went online for a burlesque performance of my Ivory skin princess. I laid back on the bed, started the show and  took a deep breath for new type of sensual excitement. I wanted the most life like feeling so I placed a generous amount of Gun Oil lubricant inside the vaginal opening of the toy. I added more lubricant to myself while she began a sultry tease. I began to become aroused. I didn't want to waste any more time. It was time to have my Ivory delight.


I slowly slid inside the toy. It was very tight. I could feel every nuance of the internal texture. I took a deep breath. I knew I wouldn't last long. As I enjoyed the performance, I gave myself sensual strokes with my Ivory girl friend. Every inch of my manhood was enveloped in a warm place that beckoned me to stay. Each stroke provided an array of pleasure. It's hard to explain but the tightness of the toy increased the sensations gained by the texture.   I began to squeeze the toy to increase the sensation. Dita was nearing the end of her performance. I was approaching orgasm. With her final tease, I experienced a leg shaking orgasm. As I closed my eyes, my body began to shake like a hesitating car. I refused to release my hold of the Ivory Beauty. As I gripped, shock waves of ecstasy continued to make my orgasm more intense. I didn't have to masturbate fast to experience this pleasure. Every slow moving stroke delivered excitement. My girlfriend wanted me to take a gentle ride. I obliged and was given a treat that would put a smile on my face.


The Pros 

The Ivory version of the Girl Next Door Pocket Pal feels amazing. I didn't think that it could be any different from the brown version but I was wrong. It is tighter and from the feel of the toy, it seems like the inner texture is different providing a new experience. The toy feels exactly like the real thing. The material is super soft and does warm up while being used.  I didn't have to stroke fast to feel the sensual effects. A sensual pace was all that was needed. The toy did the work. I provided the tool. This is exactly how masturbation toys should be designed. It is the perfect length. And I do love that it seems not to absorb the lubricant that is placed inside it. Some toys that I have used require additional applications of lubricant to keep its sensation. Ivory reminds me of a real woman. Once she is aroused, she stays that way. The Ivory color choice was perfect. It gives men that appreciate fair skin the ability to enjoy their fantasy.


The Challenges 

Honestly, I really didn't have any major issues with this toy. But from a perspective of size, it could be a challenge for men that are smaller than average. While you could squeeze inside, you may not feel the full effect. But if you are of average length, you will be satisfied.  I do think that Calexotics should place lubricant inside the toy along with instructions for care. I never assume men know how to properly store a product. And with men owning a number of products made with a variety of materials, instructions would help them know how to preserve the toy.  The Girl Next Door didn't say  ' Ivory ' on the box. The box should be labeled to inform the customer and distinguish each toy. In addition, there should be a picture of the other versions to entice the customer to try all of them.  


The Decision

If you want a realistic experience with a toy that is very tight and stretchy, the Girl Next Door Ivory is the perfect choice. The internal texture is design to provide intense sensations. You won't have to guess if you are feeling it. With this toy, you won't have to stroke fast to be transported to pleasure. Slow and sensual is all you need. I suggest using a high quality water based lubricant that feels silky. It will work well with the Pure Skin Material used in the design of the product. You will close your eyes and think you are with the girl of your dreams. The Girl Next Door has two other versions: Brown and Black. Although the packaging could benefit from a sample packet of lube, instructions and labeling, you quickly will overlook these items to enjoy a masturbation sensation that will replace your hand.


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Girlfriend Next Door Pocket Pal - Ivory