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ID Moments Sensitive Skin Sex Lubricant 


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Make Sex Irritation Free

I have always had sensitive skin and know that irritation is no laughing matter. This issue can result in less sex as well as a decrease in the pleasure we receive from it. After trying many products, ID Moments has become my first four star sensitive skin lubricant. Carefully created as the gentlest of all personal lubricants, ID Moments is free from harsh ingredients that may cause skin irritations. It's delicate, ultra-mild and hypoallergenic formulation allows worry-free possibilities for long-lasting enjoyment


What it Leaves Out Makes it Better


Your lubricant must be as clean as you are. ID Moments strips away all of the ingredients that cause you discomfort. The lubricant is water based, hypoallergenic, glycerin and paraben free, latex safe, sensitive skin safe , color free and non staining. Could you ask for more ? I don't think so. ID Moments is great for use with sex toys.


" It's hard to find condom-safe silicone lubricant, but I did with this one. I like silicone much better because it's slicker and doesn't dry out as fast."