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ID Millennium Sex Lubricant 


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Super Concentrated Silkiness

There is nothing like experiencing the silky sensation during sex. For those that know how to create it, we savor every minute of it. ID Millennium sex lubricant is the secret ingredient to creating it. Super-concentrated and a silk-light liquid, ID Millenium lubricates and moisturizes with just a few drops. It never loses slip, even under water, and it will not harm latex or rubber. A decadent skin conditioner, only a few drops are required for long lasting lubrication or a slick and sensual massage. Other premium lubricants can be very expensive. ID Millennium allows you to enjoy the best at a much lower price. This product can be used with a condom and is odorless.

What You Need to Know

ID Milllennium is a silicone based lubricant and should not be used with sex toys. Be sure to cover your sheets with a towel because this lubricant will stain your sheets. I suggest using some baby wipes before attempting oral sex after applying this lube to the penis. Silicone based lubes don't taste good but you will fuck better than you have in years !


What People are Saying


" This is the best lubricate we have ever used!! Never sticky last a long time. Easy clean up!!!! The only one we use! "


" It's hard to find condom-safe silicone lubricant, but I did with this one. I like silicone much better because it's slicker and doesn't dry out as fast."