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ID Glide Sex Lubricant 


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It Feels Like Your Own Juices

Our bodies produce its own slippery lubricant. Be we all know that this isn't enough to last all night long. ID Glide Sex Lubricant is as gentle and pure as your body's own natural lubrication. This formula contains only the purest essential ingredients. It provides a very comfortable feel during intercourse and pleasure and is ideal for use with sex toys.

Why It's the Most Trusted Lubricant

ID Glide is one of only a few sex lubricants that are FDA approved. This Doctor recommended brand is a trusted sensual product you can rely on. It is water based which allows it wo wash off easily. The formula is odorless and colorless. You can see the purity of the product. ID Glide is great for men that have sensitive skin. And it won't stain your sheets.


What People are Saying


" I am satisfied with this product. It is used as an lubricant for the vibrator i purchased . It is a good value for the price.

It has more than one use, in adding and enhancing sexual experiences when dryness persist. "


" I purchased this along with the Sophia Rossi Pocket Pal Pussy. As it states in the product description, it is long lasting, and

cleans up incredibly well, not like the sticky residue a lot of other lubrication products leave behind. "